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8 Week Intuitive Eating and Living Course

Posted Nov 19 2012 10:10am

intuitive eating and living programLately I have been posting a lot about intuitive eating and intuitive living in general and I am getting a massive and awesome response from you all.

This got me thinking that:

a) You all really want to know more about how to live as an intuitive eater

b) That this is something that you struggle with

c) That this will help you to get to full recovery…

Now I need some comments, likes and HELL YEAHS if I am on the right track…

Check out the latest video about the all new 8 Week Intuitive Eating and Living Program to get more info about what we have coming up to get you through the holidays and beyond!

As part of the whole end the new year, start the new year with goals, lose weight and all that stuff we are bombarded with, I want to do something different and start TODAY – before the whole onslaught of the diet industry kicks in – and get you all on the intuitive eating path beginning this week and taking you through the new year.

Let me know EXACTLY what you want included.

Get specific here, this is for YOU and I am filming, recording, writing and producing as we speak, so whatever you want included – NOW is the time to speak up!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

If you are in and want to get notified about the 8 Week Intuitive Eating and Living Program just add your name and email and you will be added to the list. I will keep you updated on the program details and we will be going LIVE on Wednesday!


Sign on up!


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