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5 Things Friday

Posted Nov 22 2013 5:00am
Before I do my linkup let me give you a quick overview of my Body Shock Class yesterday.  I’m loving classes.  The energy, the other girls, the music, and the motivation.  Not to mention I sweat my butt off and get a great workout every single time.

Our body shock teacher always mixes things up so we never get bored.  (do you see that butt in the picture below? huh? Tell me you see it!)


Yesterday we used Step Boards and Resistance Bands.  My arms are dead once again.


I learned some awesome partner moves too!


My food yesterday was… IYIYI….. A little crazy.  I started out with a slice of Ezekiel bread with all fruit jelly and an egg.  I could eat this every day of my life.


After my workout I was told I need to eat protein to fuel my muscle making.  So I had a hard boiled egg.

For lunch I made the biggest salad ever.  This baby had an entire avocado, roast beef, blue cheese, jalapenos, carrots, another hard boiled egg, and yogurt ranch dressing.  I was so stuffed afterwards.


Then throughout the day my snacking went crazy. It was like EAT EVERYTHING!  I had a granola bar, some wheat thins, a rice krispie treat, some cereal, some dark chocolate chips, and a bite or 10 of Josh’s Chinese stir fry.  It wasn’t until after I had a handful of mini marshmallows I pulled myself away for the rest of the day.  They say that sugar is more addictive than cocaine… I never tried cocaine but I believe it.


Five Things Friday Link Up via Fitting It All In

Welcome to my first Five Things Friday Post.  I’m linking up with Claire at Fitting-it-all-in.

So… Let’s get started!

Five Workouts

Monday: Strength Training Legs and 1 hour Cross Trainer for Cardio.

Tuesday: Body Shock Class and Strength Training Arms

Wednesday: 10 Hill Sprints, Medicine Ball Class, Core Work.

Thursday: Body Shock Class (Above)

Friday: Medicine Ball Class and Strength Training Chest and Back (Will post tomorrow!)

Five Great Eats

1.  My Egg on Toast

2. Fruit Water (Great treat instead of diet coke)

3. Half Baked Froyo

4. Vanilla Chip Granola Bar

5. Almonds and Grapes Mixed

5 Great Posts

1. Why do you workout by The little Honey Bee

2. Is it okay to change your body while recovering from an eating disorder by Kenzie Life

3. Don’t Feel Sorry by Claire Fitting-It-All-In

4. Itz Linz 16 week Pregnancy Update

5. Blog World Bullying by Arman from The Big Man’s World

5 Things that make me Happy

1. New Clothes

2. Scarlet’s Birthday

3. New Workout Partners/Friends

4. New Workout Classes

5. Motivation and Finding out how awesome my body really is

What is making you happy this week?

Any new or great eats lately? 

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