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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall

Posted Sep 16 2011 7:02pm

I woke up this morning to crisp, clean fall weather, with temperatures not above 50 degrees until nearly 9 a.m. I left the house, smoothie -less, instead opting for extra warm waffles, and a large cup of tea in my hand, while wearing boots, a sweater, and North Face jacket. If I had to call it, I’d say fall is here, or definitely on the horizon. But I love fall and am welcoming it with open arms! For all you summer lovers out there, maybe these few reasons can make you just as excited for the change of season as I am….

1. School

I have told you before I was one of those weirdos who LOVED the start of school, and now that I work in one (or in a trailer behind one…) I had the same giddy feeling going back on the first day. That happy sensation usually continues into October, when I start to get antsy for Thanksgiving break, but for now, I love waking up, the routine of the school day, still learning a thing or two, and then coming home to a warm house, and my family.

2. Leaves and scenery

One of my favorite places to go this time of year is called Rails for Trails. In our town, a railway linked many of the major cities on the east coast because we were a massive producer of iron and coal. The actual tracks are no longer there, but some of the remnants are, and a pathway was created that runs right into a beautifully wooded area. Although I love going there anytime, the fall is precious with the multiple colored leaves, peaceful sounds (or lack thereof) and happy people enjoying the outdoors. I have often said I find my serenity in nature, and Rails for Trails is the perfect place to find just that.


This should be totally self-explanatory. If you are a reader in the blog world you pretty much know most people are obsessed with pumpkin…pumpkin bread, pumpkin oats, pumpkin pancakes, muffins, cookies. Don’t worry, I make them all and you will definitely be seeing a recipe for one of my favorites in the next few days :-)

4. Clothing

I am a total sweater-weather kind of girl. I love leggings, sweaters, scarves and boots. If I could wear these items all year-long I probably would just because they are so comfortable and pretty much look good on everyone.

I used to love going back to school shopping and when I rotate my wardrobe, it kind of reminds me of the fun King of Prussia trips my mom and I used to take to prepare for the new year. I know everyone is sad to put away their flip-flops, and I love my Rainbows too, but it felt pretty awesome to slide on some tall boots this week, and be warm all over.

5. Activity change

I’m not necessarily talking about physical activity, although I do love being outside and seeing the orange, red and yellow leaves, but fall to me symbolizes my oversized chair, a good book, a cup of tea, and the fireplace. Sounds cliché, but it is one of my favorite spots to be when the nights turn dark early and I am winding down for the evening.

With an awesome school library right at my fingertips, I can’t wait to explore some new reads while being all cozy in sweats on my chair. If you haven’t already, definitely try this out! It is quite relaxing, and an awesome way to take the chill out of the recently colder evenings.

There are a ton of other reasons why I love autumn, but for now, these are definitely on the top of my list! Because it’s a change, I tend to equate fall with a new beginning. As we all know, I am in need of one of those so I really am excited to experience not only the transition to cooler weather, beautiful alteration of fall foliage, but hopefully a brand new me, as well (or at least uncovering the old non-ED me! :-) )

Do you like fall??

What are some of your favorite things about it?

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