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34 Weeks: Where did the time go??

Posted Nov 20 2013 2:25pm

Wow. I cannot believe I haven’t posted in a month! Things have been crazy around here, both with thinking about the baby coming, trying to start planning for our move to Montana in a few months, and having the in-laws visit for awhile. However, that’s no excuse. Updates to follow, but first, a photo of my favorite baby outfit so far:

DaddyOnesie The story behind this adorable onesie is that my husband noticed we were having a WHOLE lot more clothing come in that said things like, “Mommy loves me,” “I love Mommy,” etc…let’s just say he was feeling a bit left out of things. So I was definitely tickled when I found this at a garage sale a few weeks ago. It explains perfectly the way I (and baby, I think) feel about Daddy!
Now, for some updates:


I’ve noticed that she really doesn’t like it when I’m leaning ever so slightly against the kitchen counter, or if I’ve got the edge of my laptop balanced on my tummy. If she feels a little bit of pressure, she will push and kick until I readjust. The hubby says this might be a sign of her having a strong attitude when she’s older, which I suppose would be a mixed blessing!

Food Cravings & Aversions:

After so many weeks of saying I haven’t had any, I have been wanting chocolate lately. It might be because we bought a huge-normous bag at Halloween and didn’t have any trick-or-treaters. Of course, it was up to the hubby and I to start finishing it off–and boy have I enjoyed it!

Energy Levels:

I have been slightly amazed at how much tireder I am now. Although there was a week where I hardly slept because I was working on some papers, it’s common now for me to sleep 10 hours at night. That is VERY unlike me. I have been trying to stay active by taking a walk or doing something every day, just because I think it will help my endurance once the big day comes around. But it’s not as easy as it used to be! I usually end up falling asleep on the couch at night, until my husband wakes me and helps me up off the couch so we can both (officially) go to bed.

Physical Changes:

I feel like my tummy is taking over. Although the hubby is great at helping me up when I’m lying down, he usually does also laugh at me a little because I resemble an overturned turtle. My belly button is also dangerously close to finally popping out. I never thought it would happen to me, but now I wouldn’t be so surprised! I also may be starting to get some stretch marks. I actually don’t really care right now. My stomach is doing a lot of work. And, when Baby Girl is a teenager, I’ll be able to point at them and blame them on her. ;)


I will admit that I’ve been a little more irritable lately. Probably because I feel so tired all the time, and I don’t have the patience that I used to have. Wait–maybe I shouldn’t phrase it that way. I don’t think I ever was a very patient person. But now, little things just seem to irritate me more than they used to.


I’m trying to finish figuring out and ordering everything we’ll need for Baby, which hasn’t been that easy for me since I’ve been in denial a little bit about what is really happening here. I want to be prepared, since if I was my mom, I would be having a baby this week (my older brother was six weeks premature; I was four)! Although I’m hoping and praying our Baby Girl will be on time, I want to be prepared. I’m also finally starting to read more about labor and delivery–either because again, I want to be prepared, or because I just want to give myself nightmares. Hopefully the first one. ;) That’s all for now–stay tuned!

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