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20 Reasons Recovery is Awesome

Posted Apr 14 2011 2:52pm
One of my readers sent this list to me, and I had to share it.

1. With each new day, I look less and less like a sickly little fuzzy rat-person.
2. My butt is coming back! And it’s sexy!
3. There is more hair on my head than on my hairbrush/shower drain.
4. I feel like a part of the world, rather than merely floating above it like a shadow. I feel my feet on the ground and the wind in my hair, and my senses can’t get enough of it.
5. My skin and hands are moist and lovely without gobs of lotion.
6. When I wake up, my first thoughts aren’t about food!
7. As a feminist, I no longer feel guilty about buying into cultural pressure that tells me that my worth is dependent on my size.
8. I get to eat whatever the hell I want (well, within reason…)!
9. Ordering off of a menu is super exciting rather than super anxiety-inducing.
10. My body temperature is HIGHER than normal due to the return of a functioning metabolism. No more shivering and excessive layering!
11. I get to share meaningful moments with people I care about, whether at dinner, out shopping, or whenever, without food issues getting in the way.
12. Energy! Without 50 oz. of caffeine!
13. In my experience, it seems that body weight and sense of humor are positively correlated. Someone should really conduct a study on that… Think about it.
14. Improved hormone function => Puberty (Round Two ) => Giddy as a schoolgirl with the dirty mind of a teenage boy. And yes, that’s a good thing.
15. My brain can CONCENTRATE and ANALYZE and CREATE again. Feeling smart and being productive is a major self-esteem boost!
16. Saying YES to food is like saying YES to all that is delicious in life.
17. Being a “food saint” (ie., eating a diet composed of ONLY “healthy” or lower-calorie foods) is fucking boring and depressing. No one wants to hang out with a saint.
18. I actually get my ass out of the house and party, and feel like hot shit while doing it. “Another drink? Oh, why not…as long as you’re buying!”
19. I fit into the clothing sizes sold at most major retailers, and it flatters rather than hangs off of my body.
20. I’ve learned that life isn’t black and white, good or bad, wonderful or terrible, and that living in gray areas is normal, healthy, and even—dare I say it?—rather thrilling.

What's on your list? Please share in the comments!
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