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15 Week Prepping and The Rules

Posted Jul 15 2013 6:00am
Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE MONDAYS!!!  I worked all weekend and I have all day off!  Whoohoo!  I am now certified as a first responder.  I work at my local YMCA and the front desk and life guards all have to be first responder certified.  It’s great and brings me one step closer to getting certified as a personal trainer.   So if you are going to choke, pass out, or sink in the pool…. make sure it’s by me. K? K.

I have a fabulous weekend and this lead me to having a simple marvelous Monday. Let’s going Healthy Diva Eats this Monday.

MiMM MIMM #57 Family of 4!  


Friday night Josh and I took the kids to Soulard Art Market for check out the monthly exhibit and see my mom’s featured work of art.

Josh and I are so excited to start taking the kids and helping them experience as much as possible.  We want to teach them about the world as we learn and see it, about art, music, everything we possibly can.

We got there an hour early so we decided to stop in Joanie’s Pizza for some fries and a small pepperoni pizza. 

I think it was probably the first time the kids have been to a restaurant in over a year. 

It went very well.  No screaming of any kind.  We plan on doing this more often.  P.S. Phones with Netflix really come in handy with kids in restaurants.

After a great dinner we walked down the street to the gallery.

 They were all set up and open.  They had wine, beer, cheese, fruit, and other snacks all set up for you to snack on while you enjoyed the open gallery and featured art.  We were all stuffed except for Scarlet who ate two chocolate cookies.  That girl has a very healthy appetite and I will never say a word about it. :-)

I’ve showed you this Thursday but my mom’s art work looked even better hanging up in the gallery.  There were so many beautiful new pieces of art featured.  The show is still going on if anyone wants to stop by Soulard.

We got home just in time to put the kids in bed and head to bed ourselves.  Saturday was my First responders class and exam.  After it was over I headed to the store and stocked up on as much produce as I could possibly fit in my cart.  15 weeks of marathon training, I’m kicking up the nutrition.  I plan on stuffing my face with as many fruits, vegetables and other nutritious things as I possibly can in those weeks.  I’m pretty excited about it. 

It’s all about convenience and organizing and just making eating non processed foods easy, quick, and filled with variety.  Josh is also wanting to join me in the produce madness so making things easy for everyone is key…  especially those who can’t cook… cough cough (Josh.)

So I cut up onions, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cooked chicken, boiled eggs.  I made fresh Pico de Gallo and labeled everything.  Veggies for dinners are in one drawer and fruits are in the other. On the upper shelf we have veggies for juicing and berries. I smile every time I open the refrigerator.  There are a couple rules I’m setting for myself the next 15 weeks. They are…

1. NO COUNTING, ESTIMATING, WORRYING about calories, fat, ect.

2. NO WORRYING about how much I eat.

3. Choose non processed, fresh foods as much as possible.

4. Eat as many all natural foods as possible.

5. Don’t stress over eating “perfectly.”

So 15 weeks.  15 weeks and counting.  See my cool little countdown over yonder <—– on the sidebar over there. 

Today is Monday meaning… Stroller run.  However, it is 90 degrees out right now and only going to get hotter.  I don’t think it would be wise to bring the kids out in that heat for a run lasting longer than an hour.  So they are heading to the gym daycare and I will be hitting the treadmill today.  Tomorrow I’ll have an update for you on my run.  I will be telling you about every run (partially to keep me accountable) the day after it’s done.  So get ready. 

I want to hear from you!

Mothers, do you take your young kids to restaurants? Are they good? (I was really happy with how good they were at Joanie’s)

Favorite Pizza Toppings?  (Veggie Lover with Pineapple)

Do you prep your food for the week? (I love being organized so doing this made me really happy)





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