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Hi, I'm Chantal! My day to day life says I'm a PhD candidate in Ottawa, ON working on sustainable food systems. The rest of my life says that I'm a raw food consultant, dancer, vegan foodie, life lover, fruit eater, fitness enthusiast, and more! My blog is just my way of sharing my journey in... Full Bio
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To all who are still hoping to find regular recipe + wellness updates, you've probably guessed by now that I have had to shift my focus back...

Live: The Season for Pumpkin EVERYTHING

Everyone knows that fall means it's time for Pumpkin EVERYTHING! I feel like I'm surrounded by a sea of Pumpkin Spice Lattes when I walk...

Dance: NEW 6-Week Beginner ATS Belly Dance Session!

Join me for a 6-week ATS Belly Dance session beginning Thursday, September 5th from 7-8pm at the Natasha Royka Movement Studio at 11 Florence...

Vine's 7 Second Videos & My Signature Smoothie

Am I finally an early adapter for the next cool thing? I think I just might be! Sure I might have joined Instagram or Twitter (and...

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