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Binghamton, New York
I've had a mental diagnosis for 29 years. My current diagnosis is Schizoaffective Disorder. I worked for NYS and was able to retire at the young age of 46. I am married to a wonderful woman. I like to write, travel, cook, read, bake, listen to music and watch movies. I'm quite active with my writing. It is my hope that my experiences will help and educate. I want to break the stigmas associated with mental diagnosises.
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Tag you are it

In my early years of SZA I was angry. I was so angry that the only way to release it was to blame anyone or anything. The first victim was...

The month since a month ago

  The month between my last ECT hasn't been as bad as I thought. Sure I had a tough weekend last week, but compared to the whole month it wasn't...

and the band plays on

Life has changed. Me being a work in progress, I chip away and the negative factors so that they fall from me.  Michaelangelo said-"I saw the...

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