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scottsburg, Indiana
im 38 and been known to many drs as a medical mystery.  i have dystonia, parkinsonism, fibromyalgia, food allergies and many more healrth issues.  now if only they could figure out why i lost over 25% of my body weight in 8 wks i would be all set.
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why is it when you need a service thats when they decide to discharge you by dystonicgal Facebook Posted in: Questions & Answers in Chronic Illness i have been in and out of pt for years.  been with the same pt compnay for a yr now and they got me a powerchair through my neuro. went to pt yesterday and was told have to d/ ... Read on »
this is about dystonia , parkinsonism and multiple other issues i deal with by dystonicgal Facebook Posted in: Questions & Answers in Parkinson's Disease I was wondering if you try botox for dystonia symptoms and sinimet isnt helping is there anything other then dbs that can be done??? also since i have multiple chronic condi ... Read on »
Asthma and the ER by dystonicgal Facebook Posted in: Blog Posts in Asthma I recently went to my ER for an asthma attack.  Of course mine started at noon and here it was close to 5pm.  I was still wheezing even though the er doc said i wasnt.  They ... Read on »