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I am a 21 year old college student in Alabama with Dysautonomia as a primary disease. That means my nervous system system doesn't do what it's supposed to.(And when your nervous system messes up, so do a lot of other things. That caused IC, Neurogenic Bladder, PCS, Endometriosis, UC, IBS, GERD,... Full Bio
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Hysterectomy Post-Op: Mom Thinks She's Funny

This involves information about female reproductive organs and even a few lines about bladders thrown in for good...

How to Chill Down Before a Surgery

It's been awhile. But I decided that maybe it's time to jump back into this. I've been vlogging over at with...


I've pretty much stopped blogging. I do a comedy(ish) vlog over at HeyHeyRayTay (click it to go to it) with my best friend. But I did decide to...

Octopus Robot Surgery

At 2:30 AM on Wednesday morning, my dad drove me down to Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham. I was the first case of the day for my surgeon. It's...

Long Time No Blog.

There are a few different reasons that I haven't blogged in awhile. The main one being that things kept getting worse, and I felt like I had...

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