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What you should know about Xanax Drud Addiction? Xanax (alprazolam) drug,itis a benzodiazepine drug used to treat anxiety and depressionwhich belon ...
May 29 2014 8:05am
Can Exercises Help Deal With Addiction Exercise doesn’t only help you get physically fit, but it releases endorphins that help with the m ...
May 13 2014 12:23pm
Yeah, definately excercise has lots of benefits as far as health and fitness of body is... more
May 19 2014 12:30pm
Great American Smokeout: The Best Occasion to... The Great American Smokeout is fast approaching and now would be a great time for anyone to quit s ...
Nov 26 2013 9:50am
A person who has acknowledged that he is a smoker and has successfully quit smoking... more
Dec 31 2013 7:50am
Effective treatment of drug addicts Do you agree that an individualized clinical care treatment plan help a drug addicted person? what ...
May 09 2013 7:31am
Thank you Wellminded Center & Rehab for Teens for suggesting me, I appreciate you for... more
Dec 31 2013 7:56am
suboxone weaning sucks I cant even begin to describe how glad I am to have found this site..hoping to find a few friends ...
Mar 15 2013 6:32am
Cocaine Addiction Cocaine addiction leads to the death of a true diva, read more ...
Jan 17 2013 7:00am
Good Post on Cocaine Overdose, Cocaine is well-absorbed with the following contact oral,... more
Nov 21 2013 9:28am
Trying to quit Percocets Today is my first day off of percocets.  It's 4:30pm now and my last perc was at 6:00pm last night.  ...
Mar 22 2010 1:28pm
Anyway,addiction will kill us. Does not matter what we used. Try an NA... more
Nov 23 2012 7:18am
I just need to talk. Okay.  Where do I start?  Sigh. I am an addict.  Prescription pain medication is my Achilles he ...
Sep 02 2009 11:06am
Addiction is a crazy disease,and like they say,it is a patient disease. All that I... more
Nov 23 2012 7:08am
Drug Treatment Centers Alcoholism regularly establishes this illusion that everything is right in the life of the one aff ...
Apr 28 2009 1:36am
Thanx for sharing!!! more
Feb 10 2010 6:18am
Drug Treatment Program It's terrible to watch someone that you care about destroying their life through a Valium addictio ...
Apr 18 2009 12:34am