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Robin Williams's death came as a surprise by Mike Wilson The death of Robin Williams seems to have left a gaping hole in the life of millions of his fans. It has been confirmed that he committed suicide. He has been battling depre ... Read on »
Synthetic Cannabis Can Cause Cyclic Vomiting by Dirk H. Patient Expert Another reason to skip "Spice." Cannabinoid hyperemesis ,  as it is known, was not documented in the medical literature until 2004. Case studies of more than 100 patie ... Read on »
Early Intervention is Important for Young Women to stops addiction by Mike Wilson Teenagers or youn women are at high risk of drug and alcohol addiction.Early Interventions are very essential for save from Prolonged Alcoholism to Drug. Early interventions ... Read on »
Ear Acupuncture Heals Drug Addiction by Mike Wilson Drug rehab centers are usingAll-inclusive or alternative forms of drug rehab treatment to get overcome from drug addiction. Ear Acupuncture is one of the latest alternative fo ... Read on »
Avoid the ‘Noid: Synthetic Cannabinoids and “Spiceophrenia” by Dirk H. Patient Expert Like PCP all over again. Synthetic cannabis-like “Spice” drugs were first introduced in early 2004, and quickly created a global marketplace. But the drugs responsible ... Read on »
Addiction can cahges the brain mechanism by Mike Wilson By getting regular use or addicted to drugs and alcohol can changes the brain mechanism. Drugs can alter important brain areas that are necessary for life-sustaining. It actua ... Read on »
Getting Spiced by Dirk H. Patient Expert Synthetic cannabis is stronger than it used to be. First published 10/07/2013 I wish I could stop writing blog posts about Spice, as the family of synthetic canna ... Read on »
Hunting For the Marijuana-Dopamine Connection by Dirk H. Patient Expert Why do heavy pot smokers show a blunted reaction to stimulants? Most drugs of abuse increase dopamine transmission in the brain, and indeed, this is thought to be the b ... Read on »
Drugs and Disease: A Look Forward by Dirk H. Patient Expert First published 2/18/2014. Former National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) director Alan Leshner has been vilified by many for referring to addiction as a chronic, rela ... Read on »
What is Diclazepam and where is it derived from? by Tommy Thomas Facebook Individuals who wish to buy Diclazepam for research purposes are highly recommended to purchase it from Chemical Services, the internet's number one research chemical suppli ... Read on »