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"You can't handle the truth!" NOW BETTER

Posted Jul 28 2008 8:14pm

Final Edit of the below blog entry completed at 5.29pm, 22ndFebuary, 2008. Whoops!

Oh dear! Iappreciatethe comments and theoccasionalconcern from readers after my post about the Web cast with Oprah and the author of " A New Earth".

For as long as Oprah has been in front of the camera, media have unscrupulously published unfavourable and grossly exaggerated factoids about her. Yes, she is the richest African American woman in the world but No, she doesn't do her daily bowel movements perched over a $300, 000 pure gold toilet as reported either. Readers should also be wary that mainstream media attributes "themes or plots" to every celebrity, which is decided by which story sells magazine covers. Public Interest = Money. More often than not, thenegativethemes enjoy a wider audience and Oprah herself has commented on this specific media phenomena.

Oprah'sreoccurringthemes in the media are; her weight loss struggles, her permanent arm candySteadman,not having children, her bloated wealth that defies most people's definitions of rich, Dr Phil Scandal and more recently the sexual abuse of students in Africa. It would be self-indulgent for Oprah to believe that her efforts generating millions of dollars for disasters such as Hurricane Katrina (you thought I would list African foreign aid but she has helped many more countries than Africa) and creating a worldwide network of empathy from everyday people like you and me would be more newsworthy. However the glare of public scrutiny oftenfoccuseson obsessively dissecting her personal life or how many cheeseburgers she gobbled down at a local diner.

Oprah knows the game and plays the game to her advantage. Many fans consider her a humanitarian with a bottom line to maintain because sadly the world listens to no one for free. It's not entirely Oprah's fault that she is so popular either. Rather than putting out yet another dull celebrity exercise video or stinky perfume, Oprah uses her celebrity to make a difference, however naff we think that statement is due to our First World status. Closer to my experiences, I take comfort in the fact that she doesn't pretend to have everything - surprisingly - because wealth is a common desire of most westerners. Unabashedly, she often reveals that still needs to learn what is the best way to use that wealth for the common good. I've beensuprisedto see that Lady Oprah donates as much money to charity as the richest white man in the world. (Time magazine)

I'm attracted to the Web cast for the same quest for answers; Oprah is only attending to ask her questions and chair the discussions. Both Oprah and audience will learn from the Author. But the very nature of financing the Web cast is not entirely selfless, (nor does she claim any different) Oprah is in fact doing what the book "A New Earth" proposes to it's readers. Thewebcastis answering to her purpose; doingmore"in thepresent" towards what you believe is yourmainpurpose for life. Just like I wish to be (most days), Oprah is a "doer". You must admit that trait is refreshing in these times whenCelebrity Fevercan be achieved by doing nothing for society, that has a positive impact. Case in point - Paris Hilton. (I hardly think her "albums" and "action figure dolls" have enriched the moral fibre of my being or anyoneelse's.)

Even Britney, the most photographed person in the world, has donelessthan nothing. Slipping past apathy and self-obsession, into the realm of social liability. I know it must be a sobering thought to realise that your trashy existence actually makes the world less of a place people want to live in. Granted, I used to be her biggest supporter. I have spent hours upon hours, scrutinizing all 25 of her court documents (tmz), trolled endless You Tube footage of Britney and herpapp-tourage, as well as reading books, magazines and authorised press and television appearances. I consider myself to be more informed on the downhill degenerative than most fans, however dubious that accolade makes me appear, I don't know!

I take a vested interest in her medical and legal crisis because I have always feared that if I was to become famous then I would probably draw more similarities with Britney Spears rather than NicoleKidman. Ugh, perish the thought (about NicoleKidmanthat is.)

However, I really thinkenough is enough. I have since weaned off the fattytabloid dominateddiet of Britney "news" as I felt that her problems are now much more normal and typical. I wish we would all get over her but I am not so convinced that Britney feels the same.

Even though Britney may refuse to be the poster girl for bi polar ( I don't make a habit of being so insensitive to those who are mentally unwell as I suffer the same illness in fact) I do believe that her disease is magnified to extreme proportions by theverypeople who have flocked to her side to shield her from herownmanic maze of paparazzi, custody wars and beastly behaviour.

Even at the lowest point of her life, Britney remains a multi-million cash cow that is yet to give societyanythingof moral value. I don't count the million dollar asking price for a snapshot of her red, angry exposedcoochas moral, bulbs flashing as she drunkenly scurries to the secluded backseat of her SUV aren't newsworthy. In fact, nothing I have seen from Britney formonthscould be considered even remotely engaging (at times I admit it has been entertaining) to her faithful 'tween' fans who desperately cling tosaccharinesweet memories of the fallen icon. Agreed, I hatetweensanyway(that word makes me want to stab myself in the eye) but it's a sign of the times that thistrainwreckconstitutes "popular culture".

Things started to sour between Brit and myself (heheh) when I couldn't deny it any longer.

Headcase or not, she was still clearly a mean bitch - even when she was medicated. From sifting through archived footage on You Tube, it appears Britney has always been a bit of a "whackjob".

The pop tart's moroseness about her situation thatsheis solely accountable for is infinitely frustrating. She has themoneyto fix her head up ($760 000 p.a) andaccessto the best people (shrinks) to really get her life back together. Instead, she flirts with thepapparazzi(still) and chooses to associate with totalslime-balls, who gravitate towards her dysfunctional planet, lured in with the dreams of beingthe good guyand also making somenice cold hard cash. SamLutfi(pictured below with Britney at a local Gas Station) wasfinally servedwith a restraining order yesterday. I actually think "Osama" probably had good intentions before the Methtook hold, then I think it went pear-shaped infinity. Her father gives me the creeps, mum too. He haskiddyfiddler written all over him. Just saying.

I mean,comon, it's been four years since she was "Britney"...I really think it's thepublicthat are in denial about Britney's state of mind, not just Britney.Mark my words, she willneverregain that starry eyed quality and innocence and not for lack of the public sympathy either. I really think Britney is over it, shejustwants to be a mom and she isnobodies"icon" anymore!

Britneyherselfrevealed this was blatant fantasy,whilst blistering a manic trail throughBloomingdalesfor yet another impromptu spending spree (manic behaviours). As the enraged starlet stormed to the exit, Britney was coyly approached by a 13 year old girl, seeking an autograph for her younger sister. Of course, she proudly announced she was a huge Britney fan.

In full view of her paparazzi boyfriend and sales assistants, Britney swatted the outstretched pen and napkin with a churlish impatience, making sure she growled loud enough for everyone to hear.

"I don't know who you think I am, bitch," she snarled, "But I'm not that person."link

When I see footage like that, I think it's more than bi-polar, Britney is a spoilt little cunt. I'm going to break something if I don't stop blogging about this mean spirited turd. Let's go back to Oprah...


Chapter Two - "CouldaWouldaShoulda"

I've confessed on this very blog many times, I'd love to meet Oprah, discuss her charity work and world wide efforts (privately) and also make an appearance on her show to discuss my book and it's inclusion into the prestigious "Oprah'sBook club". Well, I did say this was a long held dream! (Yes, I do realise that I need to actually complete my rewrite and actually publish a book first!!)

But once I am clutching my book, I do dream of it gracing the hallowed bookshelf of instant best sellers, an accomplishment that evendie hardand eccentric writers admit is the "Golden Kiss for a Worldwide Bestseller". Oprah is every inch the powerful businesswoman, once the talk tycoon gives your book a glowering endorsement from Brand Oprah, your face is beamed into the homes and hearts of millions. The Oprah Show and associated programs are the most syndicated television shows in the world. Overnight, both book and author are catapulted onto the world stage and from here you can really make your story be heard. My memoir carries a raw truth that defies the normal memoir format, it's my opinion that I'll be grateful for all the help I get to bring it into public domain!

Even though it'sembarrassingto tell you this, (you already know too much) I dreamt that I'd be able to go everywhere promoting my memoir "Heroine". Even though Oprah is grossly commercial, I could sacrifice this fact in order to reach millions of people who may be comforted, challenged and inspired by my story.

Alas,procrastinationandpersistantselfconsciousnesshas hampered my resolve, it wasn't even six months into writing Heroine/girl, when a hapless, self confessedjunky-on-the-mend by the name ofJames Freywas gracing Oprah's hallowed banana leather couch, clutching his own memoir"A Million Pieces". I was beaten to the punch!

But I'm not seeking pity. We'veallexperienced thatdamningdisappointmentof watching one your dreams be realised by someone else. I must confess that after reading the Jame's Frey book (and then witnessing the ensuing fallout about the authenticity of the memoir) mydisappointmentintensified. I realised that my story had more potential and honesty, a woman's perspective is both emotive AND realistic. I felt Jame's Frey had trumped me at first, then this faded to a more powerless remission. Flattened like James himself , I despaired when Smoking Gun keenly investigated the author's recollections for accuracy by private detectives hired to dig up dirt. They proudly "exposed" a paltry fewincongruiencies, like a grubby prospector panning for gold and finally getting a tiny nugget.

Oprah was advised by her lawyers to distance herself from the scandal butnotbefore she insisted on a public apology. No one takes the piss with Oprah. Good lord...

Not only was my book a memoir genre like James, it also shared the perilous adventures of my opiate hell misfortunes just like Jame's did. I realised that I would need to reassess my entire published work with needlepoint accuracy and research, not always possible when you were loaded on several hundred dollars of heroin and a cocktail of ValiumandRohypenolat the time. I still haven't decided whether to take a fiction label, just to protect the truth of my emotional memory.Ironic. I'm curious what my blog readers would advise?

Furthermore all of this moaning on my behalf is because I believe Oprah would hardly welcome a second "addict memoir" to her hugely successful "Oprah'sBookclub". The scandal from Jame's Frey had left Oprah with a foul after taste for similar life experiences. Sympathetically, I watched James Frey slink down on that same lounge he sat only two months previous, sinking so low until it dwarfed him. Infuriated and dismayed, Oprah publicly denounced his writing integrity which hadcomprimisedher public image ( and theBookclub's) and personallydisappointedher. James and I exchanged commiserating emails and I urged him to keep writing, it's hard to truly understand the catharsis of writing unless you are addicted to the pen and paper yourself.

Even though his lacklustre experience would now make my dream harder to realise, now that memoirs and the memoir genre itself specifically are being doubted for their journalistic accuracy (for which I despair - the emotions and enhancement of experiences is not actually inaccurate. I'mstillholding hope that something can save the genre completely.

(Despite other people's recollections always being different, I personally WANT to read the authentic memoir as an emotional account toldby the person who lived itand howtheypercievedit in the midstof the action, not as a impartial news report with the added benefit of hindsight.)

Anyway, this post is getting sidetracked. Back to "A New Earth". Thank you.

As with any self help or improvement guide, Idiscriminatelysort through all the material given and should something resonate; I adopt a particular point or concept that will empower me. Fear not fine reader, I'm not alluding to be "born-again" , sproutinginnocouslyfrom Oprah's muddy brown thighs, blinking my virgin vision withbewondermentat the new world that lay fuzzily before me. Hardly.

I am merely accepting an invitation to come and witness a discussion that may be of personal affinity; as my landmark birthday draws near I seek something like this {and it's free!!} Besides, I happen to enjoy the book. So, I figure it is worth a look. I only reported my decision here on the blog, as I habitually present my recent news and I think my feedback could be interesting. I'm going to make this happen. I think this could be a first step.

With mytonguefirmly plush against my cheek, I mentioned that other readers should also come and join the Web cast. I would just like to clarify that it's not a cult (I don't have proof to contrary but hey - you just never know with Oprah right?) and I think it's worth a look.

I'm impressed with your feedback (and Tui'sgentle teasing that I've sold out to the cheesypatchouliponging,kaftanwearing new age hipster set!) as always. Thanks for looking out for me , I will resume normal programming now and shall provide some feedback about how it all went, but this will not become a "hallejah" kind of blog. Promise.

Besides, you should know my attention span by now.. we have been friends for four years!!

This is not the first nor the last, quest for clarity that I've been on.

As I once counselled an impotent friend,

"I really think that you only give up when you stop trying!"

Love and laughs,

Renee aka. Heroine/girl

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