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What should I do if I think a friend or relative has a drug problem?

Posted by Be Well

What should I do if I think a friend or relative has a drug problem?
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It can be hard if someone you know is taking illegal drugs, or has a drug habit. Drug abuse can make people behave strangely, and do things that they would not normally do. But, chances are, you still love them and want to help.

The important thing to remember is that they are not alone, and with the support of a friend and loved ones, a drug user can get help.

It may be difficult for your friend or relative to admit they have a problem. They may be unable to even admit it to themselves. Facing a drug problem head on is difficult and takes time. Be ready for this, and try to be as patient and calm as you can.

  • Call Narcotics Anonymous to speak to someone who can help.
  • Speak to other friends and family. This will lessen the burden of worry and mean that you have someone close to you to provide emotional support.
  • Talk to your friend or relative who is taking drugs. Ask them if they have anything they would like to talk about or need help with. Make it clear you are there for them.
  • Encourage your friend or relative to discuss their problems with a doctor, who can refer them for specialist help.

Ultimately, it is down to your friend or relative to get help - only they can make the decision that they want to do something about their problem.

All you can do is be there to support them. Make it clear that while you are worried about them and unhappy with their behavior, you still love them as a person.

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