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what are my rights to prove my innocence on a false positive test for thc,this has cost me my job and they will not allow me to

Posted by lostoutlaw1

I recently took a pre-employment drug screen,after working as a temp for 8 months,and they informed me that my drug screen came back positive for thc,impossible,I take anti-inflamatory medication daily for extrem carpul tunnel and have learned that could have cause a false positive reading,however they refuse to let me retest.I need to know what my rights are to prove my innocence.
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Anti inflamatory medications will no longer test positive for THC. The screening reagents were changed years ago to eliminate the problem. However, if this was an employment test then a specimen that screened positive for THC would have to go for confirmation testing by gc/ms. The combination of the two is confirmation that they found THC in your specimen. The only way to be sure testing was performed properly is make a written request to the lab that did the testing of all data and results performed on that specimen. It will include calibration, controls, chain of custody documentation etc. A review of the data pack will verify the accuracy of the results. The specimen is usally kept for one year after testing if it was performed at a reputable laboratory. Each state has laws regarding health care records so just look yours up to determine what type of documentation you will need for requesting your results.
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