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Wellsphere Health Blogger Awards

Posted Dec 23 2008 3:56pm

When I was three years old I read ‘The Andromeda Strain’ by the late Michael Crichton.  When I read the part where the person slit his wrists, and powdered blood poured from the arteries, I had this sudden realization of my purpose in life.  I remember dropping my cup of juice– this was before Al Gore invented the sippy cup, so the blood-red tomato juice spilled onto my mother’s green shag carpeting, the two colors mixing to make a big brown stain.  My parents had left me home alone– they were out at a key party so I had no idea when they would come home, or even who my mom would be that night!  Those were some wild days, that’s for sure.

I remember looking at that stain on the floor and thinking one thing: If only OUR family had a ‘Mr French’, just like Buffy and Jody, then everything would be fine.  But we didn’t.  So instead I sang a light-hearted ‘Que sera, sera’, spun in a circle and threw my hat in the air, and trudged off to the kitchen.

But the thought that started the whole mess was that someday people would probably all be connected by little wires, and that the wires would go to boxes with little TV sets on them– but they would be in color, not black and white!  And instead of waiting all day for the doctor to call back on the phone, people would tune in on the tv set and talk to doctors using– get this– typewriters that sit in front of the little tv sets!  And I knew, right then, that there would need to be a lot more doctors– I mean with all those wires, and boxes, and typewriters, and tv sets, there would need to be TONS of doctors!

Fast forward 46 years, and it is just like I imagined.  So to make my dreams complete, please help my blog by clicking on the blogger award sign and voting for ME, ME, ME!  (about three times would be great!).  If you have a blog or a website you can even put up your own fancy ‘vote for suboxdoc’ sign by getting the code here:


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