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Vision: grizzly bear two inside encircle the spurs Tim Duncan to stayed away around

Posted Jan 14 2013 2:38am
The SAN Antonio spurs (- 10 negative) although record is good, but recently on the road performance is not ideal, a tomorrow they challenge the Memphis grizzlies (23-10 negative). GDP combination to lead the team for two wins, and state recovery grizzlies hope home hair force, and they will impact four-game winning streak. Recently, the SAN Antonio spurs on the road performance and is not very good, recently eight away lost 6 games, they will strive for in the end of the road performance of Kobe 7 Shoes Memphis downturn. The spurs have continuous five beat grizzlies, including December 2, 99-95 win over overtime, and before that, the spurs in the playoffs experience the grizzlies black eight scene. "You will never forget the time series," parker said, "Memphis played very well, so it will be a tough game." At home after the spurs beat the Los Angeles lakers to 11 in a row at home, but they need is on the road also have such performance. On the road on Tuesday the spurs lost to the hornets, this let opponents at the end of the seven straight. Although is averaging 104.9 points in the league's top three, but the spurs in the past two road is averaging only 85.5 points, and in the last six home averaged 112 points. On the road can find offensive feeling, this will be the spurs can win the key. The past three games ginobili is averaging 19.7 points, 6.7 rebounds and 4 assists, and he gave the team a very stable contribution, and the last beat the grizzlies Duncan and parker to 57 points, the last three times against the grizzlies, Duncan is averaging 24.7 Kobe VII points and 14.7 rebounds, GDP combination with outstanding performance to drive the team. The squad after recovery neat SAN Antonio's attack have more choice, if green, lime nade can find on the road, d.d., accuracy, inside can give Duncan support, so the spurs will have a better chance to win. But the grizzlies lost averaging 89.1 points to lead the league, the past seven games they averaging only 82.6 points, the lost to the SAN Antonio spurs attack is a test. "We have to play better," parker said, "this is the NBA season, are you sure there will be ups and downs." Grizzlies in west coast tour won three, over the past five games won four games at home, they have 13-4 record. "We had some ups and downs, there are some -," the guy said, "we have to find the best feeling at home." Against the warriors grizzlies inside scoring sixty - 34 overwhelmed opponents, who is averaging 43.8 points inside scoring close to the league lead position, inside play how to against the SAN Antonio spurs will become the key whether they will win. This month the spurs Kobe 7 Cheetah lost inside averaging 42.4 points, this is the third in the league. Lando husband in the paint gave the team a great help, he and two double leading alliance, to the SAN Antonio spurs last month when he scored 17 points and 15 rebounds. Mark - gasol in the past three games against the spurs, averaging 18.7 points and shooting 59%, he will also give opponents make a lot of trouble. In addition to inside good play, grizzlies will improve the efficiency of the outside world, Thursday and warriors, their 3 only 2 for 17 (11.8% shooting). And the SAN Antonio spurs is the league's best perimeter defense teams, only let opponents have 32.7% from three. If the grizzlies tomorrow still can't find the perimeter touch, they will have a lot of trouble. The spurs have continuous five beat grizzlies, visit Memphis they even win two games, the last time grizzlies beat the spurs at home or in March 2011 and day. "Three games three technical fouls, this is not like me, to tell you the truth perkins brought me some bad influence to the emotional control), ha ha, this is just kidding. But I will be improved, so I said I'm sorry," durant sorry to push on in, wrote. On January 2, and the basket of the game and he had blown two technical fouls ejected from the game, the game in thunder to a 93-110 defeat opponents. This is his first career Kobe 7 USA were driven out, also no wonder that durant will use perkins do opposite the teaching material, the big fellow last season to 13 times technical fouls at the league this season, and he has also got 4 times. "I must be in the race to calm down, some time I really too excited, and I was blown when a technical foul for us is how bad things," durant said. "they have" the deep love sports' make some of the rules, you can't go in violation of. The game more can't go towards the referee Shouting, etc. Too much things, I will be calm, the judges after all is in doing a great job."
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