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Trying to quit Percocets

Posted by need2quitpercs

Today is my first day off of percocets.  It's 4:30pm now and my last perc was at 6:00pm last night.  I was taking about 15 10/323 a day.  It has been 2 years since I have been on them.  My Dr. prescribes them for me for a bulging disk in my bak.  But I am only taking them to stop from detoxing.  I am so sick of being a slave to the drugs.  I have 3 children under 3.  They should be enough.  The withdrawal is terrible.  Lats month I made it 4 days and than gave in.  I should not have.  I have to admit that last month the withdrawal was painful and terrible.  This is not as bad so far.  Last month was the first time I have ever been off of them.  The money I have spent.....The fake ER runs to get them and I even ordered them online.  I feel so sad and I just want off of them.  I can do this I can do this I can do this.  It's almost been 24 hours.  One of my children has been crying for 2 hours because of his diaper rash.  He is teething.  i feel so bad for him.  I have tried everything.  He is finally asleep but I called the Dr. to refill my OC's.  I'm not going to pick up the script.  I can do this. 
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That  is right, you CAN do this. I have been right where your at dozens of times. I started with vicodin, percs, lorocets...  which proceeded to the use of oxys.. ir's and eventually heroin.  I started the pills when I was 15 and my addiction took off from there and by 17 I had moved on to heroin because of how much cheaper and purer it was. It took 2 years, but it CAN happen. After a month of snorting it, I started IV use.  Opiate addiction can be really ugly.  And I know how bad the symptoms can be. I am now 20 and started fighting to get my life back since i was 17. 3 years and 5 trips to rehab, I landed myself in a methadone clinic. Now methadone, as you may have heard, is terribly hard to detox from.  After a year there, I got thrown out  for too many A-WOLS.  They put me on a 14-day detox and I was TERRIFIED!  I was only on 55mg because I kept in mind while there, the higher I go up.. the harder it'll be to come down.  I relapsed twice when I got off the methadone but knew right away that that wasn't the life I wanted to go back to.  I then started the best thing I could've done.. suboxone!!!!!  But, I didn't want to be controlled by drugs anymore so I decided I wasn't going to let IT become another problem.  I took a whole pill (an 8mg) for the first 3 days, then half a pill (4mg) for a couple days, and eventually down to a quarter of a sub (2mg).  I have been on it for 3 months now and I take 2mg every 12 hours.. so 4mg a day.  It doesn't get you high, unless you're not an addict, so it totally makes you feel normal .. not high and not sick.  I will admit, the jump from meth to subs was difficult and I DID have to suffer for about a week until the suboxone was built up in my system.  It's not too addictive either.  I believe I could stop taking it right now and the worst symptoms I'd get is a little anxiety, hot and cold flashes.  AND it has an opiate blocker in it, so being on it.. you can't even get high if you try. Regardless, I would recommend this to ANY addict struggling with addiction.  The clinic, too, really aided me in my recovery before-hand because I still took a chemical, but I learned how to live my life without chasing a drug all day and worrying about that "next one."  It is a great feeling to no longer be in the grip of addiction.  Also my Mother switched to suboxone after being in a pain clinic for arthritis and taking oc 15's.  Her situation is more like yours, and she is very grateful to be clean today too.  We've both never been happier.  The numbness is gone and I feel like a real person again!
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Anyway,addiction will kill us.

Does not matter what we used.

Try an NA meeting,

 These sites have been helping folks with the disease of addiction for years. 

They could help alot. 

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