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The difference between short term and long term Meth use

Posted Sep 05 2008 2:52pm

There is a difference between the short term effects of meth and the long term effects of meth. The difference is most often what causes people to become addicted to meth and believe me, it doesn’t take long.

Short term effects: of meth use: Meth users experience an immediate high which is described as nothing short of euphoria. Other immediate effects can vary, but generally cause increased alertness or a feeling of being “wide awake”, inability to sleep (insomnia) and loss of appetite. This rush lasts only a short while and soon thereafter the user generally experiences a state of tension or agitation that can cause major mood swings and possibly violent behavior. Meth users can also experience severe anxiety and even convulsions soon after the high resides.

Long term effects of meth use: Because of the short lived high, most meth users find themselves constantly chasing the initial rush. Tolerance to meth is built up quickly and as such meth users will binge until their entire supply is gone or they become too incoherent to continue using. At which point the user will generally sleep for an extensive period of time. Extended meth use can cause hallucinations, paranoia and repetitive behaviors (such as compulsive cleaning or assembling and disassembling objects). Long-term meth use can lead to meth psychosis, stroke, heart attack and death.

In addition to the above, meth users are more likely to sustain a serious meth related injury. Despite these things, many meth users become addicts overnight; not realizing the dark road they are headed down when they take their first hit.

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