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suboxone weaning sucks

Posted by cccowgirl

I cant even begin to describe how glad I am to have found this site..hoping to find a few friends who have been there done that. I'm down to a half a mg of suboxone. today makes day4 and I cant believe I feel this rough. today was the roughest day by far that I've had. I usually abstain 3-5 days when I decide to wean then usually whatever mg I wish to be at I take. I jumped from 8mgs down to 1mg. 24 days I pushed through. I'd get little windows of relief and that would be just enough to give me the strength to push another 24 hrs. I was comfortable for 2 weeks and decided to wean again. I abstained 3 days then took only a half a milligram of suboxone on.  


my story,like many others I was prescribed pain pills from an old spinal injury from getting bucked off a green broke mare. I was 13 then. by the time I was in my early 30's my L3 and L4 were a mess and I wouldn't have surgery. I took the meds as prescribed for a year and then abused them for a year and now I've been on recovery meds for nearly 7 or 8 yrs? ridiculous. Things in my life are good. even though I feel like crap I still want to get off suboxone. I just wanted to stay in bed today. im debating just taking the jump.

for the first time in my life I think I need a recovery group. sorry I sound so down. my body just hurts right now and I've just felt like I want to cry all day..I'll be okay its just exhausting pushing through the day. im so glad to finally be home from work.

im so miserable its just hard to concentrate..i hope I can sleep tonight. I do have some meds to help me sleep..i just really want to save them for when I do the jump. I was debating calling my family dr to see if there is something that can just help me through this time..mentally I feel great but physically right now im miserable. im not sure if im sore because I work a physical job or if its from the wean. I just took 3 ibu's.

can anyone give me advice on foods I should or shouldn't have? I've been forcing myself to eat at least twice a day..i just don't have a taste for coffee which is crazy because I love coffee and can drink it 24/7.

thanks for listening to my ramblings..


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