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Suboxone Trivia Contest! Win Big!

Posted Dec 23 2008 3:56pm

That’s Right!  Cash Or Prizes!!

Fine print:  Face it– it’s not going to be cash! What am I, rich?!

But there IS a trivia contest, and the winner will receive either a copy of each of my MP3 audiofiles about opiate dependence OR… . A NEW CAR!!!

Fine print– at my personal discretion.  That’s right– it isn’t going to be a car.  But hey, the tapes are pretty cool!

The contest:  Simply answer the following questions in the form of comments to this post.  The first post to have all of the questions correct wins the contest!

The qustions:

1.  In the post before this one, which decade is prominently referenced?

2.  What three TV shows from that decade were on my mind?  Explain your answer please!

3. The Andromeda Strain is a virus that came from… where?

4.  Al Gore did NOT invent the sippy-cup.  What else did he NOT invent?

5.  A few years ago, a freaky movie came out that was about the 70’s and a winter phenomenon.  What is the name of the movie, and how did I refer to it in the post?

6.  What must-have home feature during the featured decade is mentioned in my post?

7.  Bonus Points:  For the feature in question 6, what was used to make the feature look ‘new’?  Hint– a similar utensil is used OUTDOORS.

Good Luck Everyone– the stakes are high!!!

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