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Ready for Prime Time? SuboxDoc’s YouTube Debut!

Posted Dec 23 2008 3:56pm 4 Comments

At the suggestion of our friend at the Suboxone taper site, I played around today and made a video on YouTube.  I was assured that a video would bring in hundreds of thousands of opiate addicts, all hungry for knowledge about addiction and Suboxone.  I will let you all know how it works out!

Last night I noticed the search phrase ‘help, my son is addicted to Suboxone’.  It got me thinking… are there people out there getting addicted to Suboxone?  To clarify, I am NOT talking about opiate addicts who go on Suboxone, and then start complaining that they are ‘addicted to Suboxone’– those folks were opiate addicts before they met Suboxone, and now continue to have a physical dependence to opiates– namely Suboxone.  That is not a big deal;  as I have said a number of times, the safest place for an opiate addict to be is on Suboxone!

One of my patients today mentioned that her mother told her “don’t let him put you on anything else!”  I am not a ‘med person’;  I enjoy taking people off medication much more than I like putting people on medication!  Do I sound a bit defensive?  Anyway… I am sure that an outsider has a distorted view– a parent doesn’t know the extent of their child’s addiction to oxycodone, for example, so when the child is taking Suboxone, it seems like a very big thing– and the parent thinks that the Suboxone is the problem.  To me, knowing how horrible life was for the person when the person was using, I see Suboxone as a minor thing.

But what about people who AREN’T already addicted to opiates– are some of THEM becoming addicted to Suboxone as their ‘first exposure’ to opiates?  Are there now people walking around at parties with little orange tabs of Suboxone, handing them out to innocents and turning them on to opiates?

I tell you what– if anyone was started on opiates in this way, or if anyone is aware first-hand of this type of activity going on ‘out there’, please leave a comment and let me know.  I’m just curious.  Man, that would really be a shame.

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Most excellent.  Bless you. 

Randy Kyle

Former Nurse

From what I understand, heroin addicts buy suboxone off the street when they can't find any heroin-- to keep from getting sick from withdrawals. They use the suboxone temporarily, then they stop using it for a couple of days and then they start using heroin again.

If you're not a heroin / opiate addict, doesn't suboxone make you sick to take it.


By the way I liked your video, very imformative...I'd love to put one on my site. 

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