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natural cure for pain killer addiction

Posted by linda

My daughter has been taking pain killers for her knee for a couple of years now it has become an addiciton to the pills she takes moraphene, soma, vicadin, percocet,and zanax she said she wants to quit and needs help but wont go to rehab she almost died once from them she takes up to 10 pills a day i dont know how to help her. Please need a direction to help her she said she would go the natural route but I dont have the knowledge to help. Thank you
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my particular pain killer was df118's or dyhydracodiene, i wasnt told they are a heroin substitute and it took me 4 years to come clean from 6 x 30mg per day to none, i had hot stone treatment on my lower back and wore magnet supports on my knees, swimming and hot oil massage (my knees disclocated due to my back pain and nerve damage as my discs inverted and coated my central nerevous system like toothpaste, i lost 75% of feeling on my left hand side, how old is your daughter and what causes her knee pain


There is a medication called Suboxone that helps treat narcotic pain killer addiction. I have been on it for a year and have been clean for almost that.

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