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My first Instructional DVD Review.

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:29am
I must say that this is the first time I feel my blog is really, really, really good looking. (Old Zoolander joke - I know I'm a loser, but I'm cute.) The only thing I would really like now, is comments! I know you are reading me (I have people who sit outside your house with a clothes hanger and a speak n spell) but I would like to know your story. Who are you and where do you live? Have you been a long time reader or is this your first visit today? (welcome!) I'm interested in also following any of my loyal readers, you know that new fangled blogger doobielacker that's designed to make us more " twitteresque" Oh yeah, I am on twitter too, but I think I've lost my login! Australians ey?
Mr has helped me hook up his new fancypantsweb cam, so I am starting to take some rather grainy, wierdly lit videos and practising how to edit them (a kind friend installed Sony Vegas on my computer as he bought it so I would stop procrastinating and would feel obligated to launch my video blogging assault on the unsuspecting world. It's a cunning plan, because I never like to let my one fan down! You may have noticed that I've cut down my links (just pretend you did) as I really want my links to be valuable space without having to plaster my blog with nasty A dsense blabber and yuppie commercials. I'm always willing to consider advertising on this blog (so that's why it's super nice of you folk to link to me and to start to pimp my blog and make yourselves into ravishing naked billboards - I pay good money!)

I'm also a proud mummy again, I've bought the domain ( Don't click it yet (I said DON'T -Do you want to sit in the car young man?) .. because nothing is built that's fit for your precious time (seriously, I'm not being precious) and I'm working on Dream weaver (I'm totally flummoxed by most aspects of it to be honest - elp! - and very well may just pay someone to do it for me, bummer) BUT I've had lots of sad, nerdy fun lately coming up with gorgeously seductive storyboards, I'm actually planning exactly how I want Sensual Explorers to look and the mammoth task of how the School of Sensuality will operate is steaming ahead with a draft curriculum starting to look pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself. I was thinking of making another blog, just for all my sensual explorer stuff, but I don't want to spread myself too thin, and I figure that I can kill two blogs with one post, by putting it here. So, we may have some new visitors soon (I hope you're ok with that - and the new sexier content. I don't think this site will become NSFW or anything as my business is more sensually driven, and is for the ordinary folk that wish to be more exploratory about their bodies, sensations they can feel and give and meet other lovers of sensual stuff like them, but from all around the world. That's basically going to be the future of this website I am planning and this blog here will give you a "behind the scenes" look at my foilbles and fancy free adventures on the road to becoming a sex educator and my plans to spread the sensual explorer missive and make the world a little sexier in the process. My main writing goal is to have a forum as then people can chat and exchange tips and media between themselves, as well as host a members only chat room and website - my "store" and link up fellow Sensual Explorers from all around the world. I'm hoping to travel and see many of them, a tour of the world and reporting back to you, of my sensual discoveries and booty. Still, it's a long way before I'll be able to share and explore sensual rituals, experiences and sell my own sensual explorer merchandise - but I'm doing seven hours of work related to my dream a day. I like doing the practical aspect too, lot's of nookie (if you haven't guessed.) It takes a special kind of lover to be a Sensual Explorer (does anyone know how to add a trademark sign?) but all you really need to begin is enthusiasm, a love of hedonistic pleasures and excellent communication skills... I don't mind sharing my study tools with you either, we can learn together.. read on if you are interested. Otherwise, Mwha, Happy thoughts xx HG

My first Instructional DVD Review.

As part of my training to become a Sexual Educator (therapist status will come later, once I have visited the States probably and met with the Board of Sex Therapists and Sexologists) I've been watching TONS of poorly shot, bouffant Heather Locklear (before she left Melrose! ) and "Romanian looking Fabio wannabes" getting it on (from what I could piece together as most of the soft core stroking and penetration was taking place far away from under frosted, Vaseline coated lens) "lovers" theatrically moaning and grabbing at their frosted mullet wings, whilst grinding together - a sexy sight normally - but I found the tight, stonewashed jeans and matching patch worked leather jackets a touch distracting to my sexual pleasure.. Le sigh.


Bare with me sweet readers, I'm still figuring out how to put all the links from Amazon (so I get a nice kickback like the other girls do on their site, so I can buy more textbooks and DVDs - yes, I realise most people would call that "porn" but it's all part of my research !) I will share with you the better ones, and not just porn but instructional DVD's which in my opinion are even sexier than watching porn, and hey they are MUCH more likely to interest your partner, before he/she has time to ask what it is, slip it on (when the kid's go to bed), and just watch it together, whilst stroking each other intimately - I've thoroughly enjoyed pleasing my partner alongside the instructional parts are on and he has enjoyed the visual stimuli and ensuing reproduction immensely (and he was quite the porn fan) Now... we study together!

I promise to only post links to the GOOD instructional dvd's Question : Has anyone seen any of the Chemistry series? Chemistry Volume 4 is out now (to wonderful reviews) and to my delight this time there are more unscripted, totally hot babes sensually feasting on willing, natural male P ornstars in a subtle orgy scene or three. I love a good orgy - as you will soon discover by reading my first review detailed below. If you have a personal favorite *Instructional DVD or Amateur Couples * Please email me your reccomendations at ) Thank you xx

[ Waking Vixen!If you haven't noticed I am talking to you, lol ! To new readers, Waking Vixen is a long time Blogger friend(BLOG)who has been a heroine/girl fan, for at least three years, supporting me through ups and downs, faithfully supporting all three blogs and slowly but surely I've witnessed her fabulous meteoric rise to sensual success from sex educator and purveyor of pleasure to her current status, magazine editor, sex educator, Porn Director , Actress and activist (fuck me, does this girl get time to sleep?) Audacia Ray(SITE)is everywhere and I couldn't be happier as Audacia is a personal inspiration, a pleasure to call my friend. We do plan on meeting when I am in New York next year..I'm getting so excited, more than when I went to London actually and I'm sure to enjoy myself with such a sexy, playful and smart tour guide. Audacia, would you like to be one of my mentors? I would love to be under you *giggle*.]

Cough, moving on? Let's! Now as I was saying, if you are looking for a sexy spice up for your relationship, then instructional videos are the cutest, hottest way to bring back some 'vava' into the bedroom.
finally the fucking review....

Pop some Nina into the DVD player and follow along yourselves, it's really, really sexy as they explain and demonstrate for you, so all the guesswork is done and you have to do, is let your partner lie back and experiment your asses off. Then it's time for you to lie back whilst your partner tries all the techniques Nina is demonstrating. Nina Hartley, former porn star, speaks intelligently and is a sensual and loving instructor. There are about ten titles she has done, I've have found some pearls amongst the pebbles though, I really enjoy Nina Hartley's Advanced Guides, as our sexy teacher Nina gives continual tips and revelations about our anatomy and guides the viewer through sexual techniques that are not hard to achieve, with variations to cater for the wide spectrum of sexual players. I always say, that love is in the details, often it is just a soft, sensual touch or a warm, moist sensation that makes a so-so technique into a spectacular one. Nina keeps it classic and doable - not like another video that was trying to convince me that a close up shot of a woman pumping (on a totally different angle mind you!) was actually the same shot as it panned out and she was doing a handstand and her partner was standing behind her. The angles kept being wrong, and I felt this was very misleading, I also felt they should show how you get in and out of the positions, not just a highlight freeze frame of several "pretzel like" positions.

Nina Hartley's, although not recently shot, are still tastefully done and modern. Best of all, the techniques are accompanied by fully explanatory reasoning and instructions that are fun and easy to follow. I would be interested in finding out if Nina is doing any more projects in the near future, as I would love to feature her material on my site I consider my man and I to be modern, tasteful consumers so we prefer erotica that isn't too cheesy or patronising (and unfortunately I've watched a lot of these kind of videos in the last few weeks.) I particularly like Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Oral Sex, partly because of above but I also love the sensual bonus; at the end of the demonstrations, Nina and the couples who assisted her (also porn actors)Become her cute sensual explorers (they would qualify to be in my club!) putting all the techniques you have just been taught ( and a few juicy additions) mixed throughout varied sensual play, both men and women caressing each other and eventually performing sexual acts (penetration is shot discreetly) in an orgy setting. By this stage, you and your partner cannot help but start your own orgy fantasy and I can't say that my eyes were on the screen the whole time, but what I can tell you is that the orginess is very loving and sensual, and that awesome sexual energy translates well into the bedroom, which isn't compromised by unflattering aesthetics or that god awful synthesiser music that sounds like a three year old banging on a Casio keyboard at Christmas.

I wholeheartedly endorse a sensual session with Nina, it will enrich your relationship and open communication channels, a little laughter, a lot of licking and a lot of love to share, on screen and off.
I'm going to give this DVD aaaa / aaaaa
Miss Nikki
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