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My boyfriend is addicted to oxycontin and does about 320mg a day need help!

Posted by jj777

my boyfriend started using the drug recreationally about a year ago, and the obviously it grew. He is now on 320mg habbit a day,. He wants to come off of them his health is deteriating and so  is our money. He doesnt want to go to a detox centre as much as I would like him too. Is there anything that we can do at home, what is the best way to detox at home. We were thinking cold turkey but we don't know how dangerous it could be. Should he just ween off, give the pills to someone else so they arent in the house, is there stuff he can take to help him get off of it ? I have done some research on the internet and i have heard a couple of things about buprenorphine or suboxone? will these help or is there something else better? He has tried once before and while he was cutting back he took diazapam and cause he was also drinking the three things together didnt mix well....since then we havent tried. He needs help and if there is anything you can tell me that might help he and I will be very greatfull thankyou for your time.
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This is a clear-cut detox situation. There are outpatient as well as inpatient options. Let met know if you need referrals or further direction to find them. After detox an assessment will be necessary to determine treatment plan.



If you trust yourself enough to have one or two pills around for you to give him at intervals you have descided upon BEFORE he starts withdrawl. If he snorts, smokes, or injects you should probably watch him and make sure he swallows it whole no matter how much you trust him. At 320 mg a day the drug takes priority. period. I dont care how in love he is or how much of a downward spiral his life is in, if he is a day or two into withdrawell and gets the chance to get high he will. I was an addict for a couple years before meeting my fiance. She put up with my dozens of promises to get clean next week and until i told her "This is it. Im giving you all my pills, give me one 80 the first day, a 20 and a 40 the second, a 40 the third, a 20 the fourth and then nothing no matter how much i beg or how awful i look..". If you descide to help your boyfriend this way it will be very painful for you to see him suffer and you have to promise yourself not to cave. She did that for me and I was clean for about 6 months before i fell right back in.. If he has friends who are addicts he will have to not see them.. i dont care how strong he thinks he is, oxy is stronger. A year is long enough for the drug to create a huge void in his life and and heart which will need to be filled somehow.. After several attempts to quit I moved to BC for a year of school and began a methadone maintanence program. While withdrawl is the fastest and most complete way to eliminate the drug, without councelling and support relapse is an inevitability. If you break up with him, if his dog dies, if he fails a class.. any sudden unhappy event will push him towards the pills.. Oxy is a safety net and if you take it away without adding drug councelling and getting to the root of the addiction there is almost no hope of staying clean. Its been 8 months since i started the methadone maintenence program and i feel it was the best thing i could have done. Its given me time to learn to live my life clean and find better ways to deal with pain without every fibre in my body burning and screaming for the drug.. I've started tapering off the methadone now and 5 mg less each week is barely noticeable.. Its not the best place to start but if all else fails methadone can be a great partner in the getting clean process.. as long as you descide to quit the methadone.. the system is set up in a way where it is very easy to never have to get off methadone.. some people at my clinic have been going for 30 years.. thats not going to be me. Good luck!
Well the good news is that he is no longer on Oxycontin!!!!! it has been a month since he last had a pill. He chose to go on methadone, which i was happy i think it was the best bet for him to beat this. I am so proud of him and it is so nice to see him become himself again, to become alive and enjoy life once again. I wouldn't wish this addiction on anyone any addiction for that matter its hard for the person going through it. But at the same time its hard for the person watch them through their life away. I greatly appreciate the two comments that were posted on here. Congrats to you too Chris T. He no longer talks to his "friend" that showed him these pills all he has is hate towards him as do I. 2 months in the program going into are 3rd its a great start :)
My boyfriend is addicted to oxy and does about 320mg a day with my two best friends. However, I didn't know any of this until the other day. I wouldn't be so upset if they would have told me straight up but each of them lied to me, but admitted that the others had a problem. They're all lying to me but I don't think that abandoning them now would be the best thing... I know they are ashamed but I don't know how to help without seeming like I'm preaching or anything. It hurts because my boyfriend told me that he didn't have a problem, and that he didn't do pills, but that both of my best friends who also do pills told me that he does, and I've confirmed it. I've been friends with them since grade school and I just want to help, any advice on how to wean them up to the idea of being sober?

i just ended a 6 year realtionship with the father of my child because of these stupid pills. i would give you advice and say just forget it...i mean i kept waiting around for him to stop taking these horrible things and it only got worse and worse. i think the main thing that made it so bad/hard for him to quit is because all his family and friends do it too. i really dont think that they are all just gonna say "okay im ready to quit because you dont like it"they have to really want to quit. i thought that taking my daughter and i out of my ex's life would wake him up but the addiction is worse then a meth addiction. so long as the 3 of them are all communicating, i dont think they will quit. he/she needs to cut everyone out of his life that takes those pills in order to get clean. its a lot of work, if he/she wants to quit then he needs to go to rehab and inpatient is really the only way to go at this point.honestly....dont waste your life away trying to fix someone elses :-/ 

You have a computer and you didnt read about the negative problems with methodone ? He is not himself...HE IS HIGH. Now how will he get off of methodone ? Suboxon would of been so much better for him. He can still be taking the oxycontin and you would never know. Addiction is 1 hell of a mistress and he can have her and you will NEVER know.  People dont stand outside in the cold for 2 hours because they know they will be clean from taking methodone. Suboxon is buprenorphine and naloxone. If you dont know anything about these drugs look them up after you read about methodone. Naloxone goes by another name...NARCAN. Its the drug they give for someone who is overdosing on narcotics. While on suboxon you cant get high by taking narcotics. Why would he hate his friend ? His friend DID NOT force him to take drugs. You can hate his friend but i dont think his friend held him down and forced him to take drugs. To hate his friend you must also hate him...They both did the drugs. I had a Dr start me on my path to drug addiction but i do not recall the Dr ordering me to take the pills. Methodone is just another narcotic drug. Tell him you want him to stop taking the methodone and look at his eyes when you ask him. It will be the same eyes you saw when he was taking the oxycodone and you asked him to start. I know those eyes,i had those eyes for over 15 years
Chris. We will ALWAYS be addicts. 2 years clean and forever an addict. Have you read about the gene they have found in addicts ? You will pass this gene to your children. That gene will not make your child do drugs or drink but it will make them  wanna do it again and again. I hope you get clean. Try suboxon
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