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Mother's Day

Posted May 13 2012 11:22pm
Happy Mother's Day to those that celebrate it. I spent the evening consoling poor Champ. His mother stopped having anything to do with him when he came out. Something stupid about never being able to be a grandmother now. The catch line that I blurted out was, "Haven't you told her that gays have discovered a miracle? Babies without sex! Seriously! The hetero people almost never use that method!" Champ was laughing that contagious laugh that he has with in seconds. That's my friend! I don't understand how a mother could disown a child because of who or what they are. I remember back when I was doing research for a paper I was writing on genetics, and parents were using a new kind of test to check and see what gender, eye colour and hair colour their babies were before they were born, and a whopping 16 out of 26 parents aborted their baby because it was not going to be the star of the football team, have the correct gender, hair or eye combination. It made me sick, researching that paper.

I looked down at my two boys playing "pick boogie" with their napping sister (yes, that game is exactly what you think it might be!), and I wondered how anyone can not love their children because of their sexuality. How could a human being kill a child (third trimester abortions here) because it was not going to live up to their "American Dream"?

I want to write more, but my back is hurting from sitting in this chair all day working on files and sites and installs. All I did was sit and work. It really did a number on my back, and I'm afraid that I am going to have to reach for that Vicodin after all. Maybe even the other medications that I was prescribed over the past week. I do not feel comfortable with taking them, but I will, just because I am sore tonight and I have to be at my best tomorrow, for appointments.

Sorry for a shite post, all. I promise better things are in the horizon. Even if I have to upload and post boring pics of my babies, maybe one of Mommie. Have a happy rest of the weekend, all!
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