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Just Roll With It – The Importance Of Being Open To Change

Posted Apr 17 2010 6:12am
Posted on April 17, 2010

I don't think I'm wrong in saying that a good number of addicts and alcoholics, whether active or not, have a teeny weeny problem with change.

It could be we lack the skills necessary to just roll with things, it could be that the way that we have dealt with change, good or bad, in the past has involved drugs or alcohol or it could just be that anything outside of our normal routine scares the poo out of us.

If there is one thing you need to accept in life, it's change. No situation lasts forever in life and that is why there is such a huge importance to be open to change.

Right now things are changing for me, as they are for you. I have a new career that I'm starting. I have a child that is entering school and taking the big boy bus. My husband has given his 2 weeks notice and is starting a new job. Things change.

So why do I sometimes get a panicky feeling that I'm not going to be able to handle all of this change? Firstly because I'm not focusing on staying in the moment . Because if I was I would only be taking things as they come and not worrying about things that haven't happened yet.

Secondly, I get completely caught up in my daily routine. Now, I've already discussed the importance of a routine in my sobriety. So don't get me wrong and think that I don't agree with the need for a routine to keep you balanced. What happens to me is that I can get too caught up in my routine that I get aggravated when life keeps me from it. I'm working on it.

What I need to do is focus on all of the positive things that will come with the change and not dwell on all the things that I'm losing because of change.

I love my new career and get great satisfaction from it. It also gives me some positive things to occupy my time with. My husband's career is moving in a direction that he has wanted for a long time and his happiness will have a positive impact on our family (not to mention that he is getting a huge, huge pay increase).

Lastly, my little boy is growing up and gets to take the big boy bus to school. This will get him out of the house more and around kids his own age (not those older neighborhood kids that he thinks are the coolest thing no matter how mean they are to him). He will also be out of the house for a few hours ever day which will give me some needed time to get things done around the house so that when he comes back home I can focus more of my attention on him.

When I break it down like that... who would mind these kinds of changes right?

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