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It's the Holiday Season--and That Means Alcohol

Posted Dec 21 2010 10:49am

Of jails, wheel chairs, and feeling better than everyone else the next morning.

 This campaign toured England during the Christmas season two years ago:

In order to show the isolating consequences of being caught drink driving at Christmas, Leo Burnett London trapped an actual convicted drink driver under a giant upturned pint glass. Agency: Leo Burnett, London


 From the National Institute on
Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)-------------------------->

Driving home late at night is especially hazardous because natural drowsiness is magnified by the depressant action of alcohol. Driving abilities may even be impaired the next day, when any alcohol remaining in the system, or the general headache and disorientation associated with hangovers, contributes to the general feelings of sluggishness, even though the person no longer feels "drunk.


The text below the drinks reads----------------------->

A glass of cola looks the same as a vodka and cola.

Make every other drink a soft drink and your friends won't notice any difference.

Until the next morning.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!
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