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is what I am doing safe.

Posted by berris

Hi , I have been on valium for the last 35 years with a dosage of 10 or 15mg.

Mainly 10mg. per day. I have decided to go off this drug, and for the last 9 days have gone from 10mg. per day, to 5mg. per day.

I have been reading stories on the web of siezures etc, and am now scared that I have dropped the dosage to quickly, and yet I feel fine.

could some one advise me if I shoud stay on 5mg. and then taper off more slowly from this dosage, I really don't want some of the side effects i have been reading on the net.

Do I need to go back up to 10mg. (something I don't really want to do)

and start tapering more slowly.

thank you for your help


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Hi i feel you should visit a rehab center to get rid of your addiction problem, dosages without good information can be lethal. Without losing much time, kindly visit us on  with further contact details given there. 
I don't know why you took this decision of decreasing or going off the drug all of a sudden without consulting a doctor.It could lead to health complications as the dosage which the body required is suddenly reduced.Please visit a rehab center and rid yourself of this problem.The docor will give you a thorough checkup and maybe conduct a few tests and then decide to put you the therapy needed which will cure you of your habit of taking vallium daily.
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