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Is there more than one type of liquid methadone

Posted by Hipmom

I attend a clinic in Maine and I was thinking of changing clinics. According to a patient that attends there I was told that the methadone (Liquid) at this particular clinic is a different type than what I take now. Is this true? Is there more than one type of liquid methadone or a generic version? Any help would be appreciated.


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I am not as involved in methadone maintenance or detox levels of care as I am outpatient treatment and recovery, so I don't know that much about the different types of methadone. I do know that suboxone is becoming the 'preferred' drug, often replacing methadone to detox from opiates.
to answer ur question jennifer yes im from baltimore and on a methadone program they have 2 kinds methadone and methadose and i think 1 other. there are no real differences then who makes it they are both non generic since it is goverment regulated so no matter where you go you will still feel the same effects
There are several different types of liquid methadone. The staff will you tell you the strength is the same. Believe me, It's Not! I 've been on a clear (like water)methadone, tastes very,very nasty, but seems to work great. Then I was changed ro a dark pink liquid, nasty tasteing. Now I'm on a light pink liquid, it's not worth a ------. There are proprably more, but I know anout these. The light pink takes more. I think the place where I go waters it down. Whos to say. But I know the light pink does not work as good
there are many different kinds of liquid methadone as far as i know there is a green, light pink, dark pink, clear, and a yellow all with the same concentrations that are diluted with water before given to patients. they are just from different manufacturers. As far as I know i've only seen the light pink given for take homes. Hope this helps

Ive been a methodone maint. for 15 yrs. or more n ive seen n tasted em all ...yes there r som clinics who "water"the shit down. All in all , its aaall the same _(xept the wter down shit)n also they hav the tabs wich r lil 5 mg tablets tht r just like asprin.

does water make methadone weaker???, my pharmacist puts about 1/2 the bottle of water can slightly taste the done in there. Wouldnt it make my methadone weak?, like 5days worth might activate the methadone and think its in my stomach
me to coming up 15 long time ey!
I go to bmore to pick up unopened bottles from two different clinics down there and they taste less syrupy and still very dark pink and I strong. I'm just waiting for this to kick in and want an expert opinion
So I go to a clinic that was very syrupy liquid. Dark pink with water. Sometimes I go to bmore for unopened bottles from atleast three diff clinics and they have a fruiter, less syrupy taste. Still very very dark pink. What gives?
It doesnt matter if methadone is watered down when the water is added to a pre-measured dose (say, 3ml methadone and 5ml water, to make 8ml total). But if theyre trying to stretch it out and they add water to the bottle, and THEN measure out 3ml methadone, hell yeah youd prob only get 50% of the dose. Dark pink 90mg bottle is by far the strongest/best id say.
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