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I tried to put then question here but it wouldn't let me?

Posted by worried

hi.  my mom has been on Norco 325/10 -- 4 times a day for about seven years for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and was given this drug after the chemotherapy doctor FORGOT to put a certain medicine that would help prevent these terrible afflictions!   So now she has all this pain if she doesn't take the Norco.

The problem is I have lost my mother as I knew her.  I have slowly watched her change over these 7 years she's been on Norco.  She is massively confused, lost her sense of humor, constantly frustrated because she can't find her words, repeats herself all day and night, has lost so much memory, she is depressed, and had no quality of life. 

I believe it's the Norco from what I have read, heard on tv, internet, Dr. Drew Pinsky, etc.    She's the one that needs it explained to her, from someone other than me.  So, I was hoping someone could get me the information to show her.

I have talked to the intake nurse at Loma Linda University.  They are ready to take her, when she's ready to go.  She also feels they can help her by getting to the root of the chronic pain and then finding alternative ways to manage it so she can get her mind strong again.  This is paid for by Medicare for a 30 day inpatient treatment.  I am so thankful for that as I am an only child and there's no help from extended family and she has no friends now, thank God for Medicare. 

Any and all information anyone has, please send it to me as I am desperate to help my Mom.  Full of Gratitude, Elizabeth

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