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i am 15. after smoking weed and drinking i believe i feel long term affects like fogginess& short memory! please read to help me

Posted by hew27

i am 15 years old and in the past year i have smoked marijuana quite a few times and i also drink about every weekend. i have stopped smoking weed and the last time i have was about 2 months ago. i have felt foggy for about 4 months now. it feels kind of like i am on anesthesia or still high. i also forget things very easily now, when 5 months ago i could retain a ton of information. i was wondering if maybe i have some sort of brain toxicity or maybe i have lost brain cells and this is what it feels like. i am not sure. please please please help me!
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Hew27: thank for sharing what has been hapenning with you...but still its not enough to make any comment....last thing you would do to go and use it again. Speak with your parents or elder in the family. Seek medical care immediately before any lay advice. ARE YOU USING ANY OTHER SUBSTANCES?

Remember : you are only 15....your brain is far from full takes upto 25 years for brain to be fully matured. Damage can occur with early drinking ETOH but one can not confirm without medical evaluation....good luck. Addicton-doc

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