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How Watching TV Taught Me To Delay Instant Gratification

Posted Jun 24 2008 5:07pm

This is going to sound bizarre but I realized that watching TV has taught me how to delay instant gratification.

In a world where everything is available NOW, it’s no wonder that we grow to expect things right now. That includes our gratification.

What I realized this morning while I was thinking about my absolute most favorite show of all time, Lost, is that even the way I watch TV has changed since entering addiction recovery. Solet me tell you how TV has taught me to delay instant gratification.

Like I said, Lost is my favorite show. There are a lot of shocks and surprised on the show and it always leaves you wanting more. That’s why when I was in active addiction and was in my full blown addictive thinking mode I wouldn’t watch Lost on TV because I couldn’t stand having to wait a whole week to find out what was going to happen.

In normal addictive fashion I would rather go without Lost while it was on TV and would rather wait for the current season to come out on DVD. I guess it’s the same as an alcoholic being able to turn down a beer when they know that they can’t have more than one in their current situation. They would rather wait until they can drink as much as they want… ya that’s it.

Once the current Lost DVD was released I would watch them as quickly as possible. One right after another. First disc boom, second disc boom, third disc boom… done, left wanting more.

This season I decided to try a different approach to my Lost episodes. I decided to take my time and enjoy the season with all it’s cliffhangers, plot twits and suspense.Sure, each Thursday night when the credits role I am left wanting more but it’s a good feeling.

These are the little situations in my life that show me that I really am coming a long way on my road of recovery. Sometimes the changes can feel likeepiphaniesor they can happen so naturally that they go undetected. Either way… they are happening.

And that is the story of how watching TV taught me to delay my urge forinstant gratification.

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