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how long should i wait to take suboxone after my last herion

Posted by mimi1963

how long should i wait to take suboxone after my last herion injection
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The general rule is 24 hrs. And then start off with half dose. Trust me.... IT IS A LIVING HELL IF U TAKE TOO EARLY, OR TOO MUCH TOO EARLY!!!  It will throw u into a kick that u will never forget. OMG. Ideally, you should be professionally detoxed off heroin. But I applaud anyone who even attempts to get clean. 

You have to wait 24 hours, after your last dose with uncontrollable yawning and eye-watering. The transition will not be too difficult. 24 hours is completely safe. Beware of taking the bupe too quick, you don’t want to experience the bupe throwing the rest of heroin off the receptors.

Suboxone is an oplate replacement ttherefore you only have to bein withdrawl for 24 hours to start taking it,and you haveto use a suboxone trained doctor.It can be an expensive program,but you would be functional in a shorttime after starting with the first dose.I would also highly recommend the addiction therapy.If you don't do the therapy you will be taking a dangerous shortcut that can end in relapse.
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