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How long are you going to take that stuff?

Posted Apr 23 2010 8:59pm

I have produced a few educational items , and I sell themt priced at a small fraction of the street cost of one tablet of oxycodone.  All proceeds go toward the support of this web site, the forum , and other educational efforts.  The most popular item is the e-book called ‘User’s Guide to Buprenorphine.’   You can get a sneak peak at the inside of the book at Amazon.  I receive good feedback about the e-book but the most ’successful’ recording has been the one entitled ‘How long are you going to take that stuff .’  The recording is designed for parents, spouses, or children of opiate addicts who take buprenorphine;  especialy for those family members who don’t quite ‘get it,’ who ask the title question every week or so.

I have had several patients tell me that their loved ones changed their tone after listening to the recording, in which I explain the basics of opiate dependence and tell the listener why it is often in a person’s best interest to stay on buprenorphine for an extended period of time.  I have also received comments in e-mails from people who had similar success with the recordings.  If you have a close friend or loved one who means well, but who just doesn’t understand the point of buprenorphine, consider turning him/her on to the recording.  Check out the other recordings as well, and thanks in advance for your support.


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