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How late can it take for someone to first experience ecstasy symptoms?

Posted by AudiB

Ive done E twice, the first time was about the end of Nov 08. Then again on Dec 19, 08. After the excperience i felt different, not in a bad way. Like my mind has expanded and i can view situations differently. I have recently been arrested (Jan.23, 09) and it seems as though those feelings have increased along with slight depression. Is this because of the Ecstasy or what?
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Let me first start by saying that i'm not doctor, but I do no enough about drugs for I feel that if I'am going to put something into my body I should know everything about it.. (Truthful information) not lying information.. one myth that surrounds ecstasy is that it puts "Holes in your brain" that is a Lie!!!.. That was all said because of rats.. and therefor some nut case working in the government that hates life.. said the same for humans.. with the depression that comes from ecstasy that is a true factor.. all because when you take it.. you are increasing serotonin levels and that rush is the "Xtc" so you may call it.. and well I always take 5-htp weeks before "Rolling" (taking the pill) and weeks after.. why? Because 5-htp helps balance out the levels in the brain.. With that said 5-htp helps the before and after the use of ecstasy...

Now about your mind..
  I have felt that if one is unbias and really takes a look at drugs there is no problem.. like Marijuana... used to be accepted back in the day.. when Alcohol was illegel, Marijuana was legel and now look at it.. sence the "Reefer madness" days people hate marijuana... yet you cannot Overdose on it at all.. yet you can on Alcohol.. 100,000 deaths a year (that is a old satistic) from Alcohol related things... Less then 10,000 deaths a year from Marijuana... I can go on and on..

but the truth is.. 
  in my Opinion you are openninggg your mind up.. if drugs are used in the correct manner they can do the mind good.. and done wrong they can do them bad aswell..

If one says "Its ok to drink but not ok to do ecstasy" or "Its ok to smoke pot but not to smoke cigs" they are only substituting for one bad thing for another.. honestly.. if you look at it in a honest prospective... Anything that is not doing the body good is bad for you.. so over eatting the same food class is bad for you... drinking soda and not water is bad for you... the list goes on and on..

   so when people get on the high horse of drug use they are mostly people that will believe anything they hear..  hints... the Ecstasy myth that is not even proven to cause brain damage in humans.. or how "doing it one time can kill you" as far as I'am concered if you do it correctly.. you will not get the negative effects...

 but if you abuse it.. then you will suffer from the negative effects.. that does not go for just drugs but anything/everything..

 I'am not going to tell you to go out and do drugs.. but I won't say not to do them.. you are a free minded soul as we all are.. it is your choice to do as you please as long as you do not affect anyone but you...

I feel that you are seeing the world in different lenz's in one metaphorical point of view.. because you like everyone the first time you do it, Obvisiously it will never be the same.. well the same for sex... the first time you have sex.. it will never be the same afterwords.. it maybe good or bad.. so there is alot to compare and speculate with but lets not get off topic now.. When you first did it.. you felt the deffinition of "ecstasy" or in other words "In heaven" and for that you thought at the time in such a different way (for the good) and everything elts.. I think that you can really expaned your knowledge but at the same point do abuse any drug.. that is the key factor in it all..

I have asked a couple doctors that know the little correct information about ecastasy.. and they all told me when I asked "How often should I do it" they said "if you are going to do it continually then it should be done at the least once every two and a half weeks" with that said if you are going to do it as often I would suggest doing it in that time frame so you do not gain severe negative effects..  The best way it is always done.. is to do it seldom and stay healthy... when done that way.. the experiences are always as good as the first..

I recommend that you do not do it as much...

(2 1/2 weeks apart )

you get a bottle of 5-htp ( Located at any k-mart, wal-mart, walgreens, )
Its legel.. so don't think its something that you cannot get,... and its a OTC (Over the Counter) so you do not need it proscribed..
if your body was a car... and you used ecstasy.. the day after you would be on empty.. taking 5-htp is like gas for your serotonin in your head (or car).. so taking it before and after will really benifit you!!

 Keep your body in shape.. eat healthy... good sleep patterns..

hope this helped..

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