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How do you wean yourself safely off of Percocet after a surgery?

Posted by me

Help.  Had knee surgery a mth ago.  Been taking Percocet.  Started out at 9 a day (5 mg), then 7, then 5, then 4, then 3, then yesterday I accidentally only took 1 and my body FREAKED out.  Anxiety, stomach problems, shakes, chills, headache, dizziness, nausea.  Felt like I was going to die.  Had to take another percocet and do meditation before I could calm down.  Didn't realize my body was addicted until then.  What do I do?
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i myself am curious about the same thing. If you get an answer plz share with me. Had a hysterectomy and was on 2 percs every 4 hours. have gone down to one or 2  a day- when i take just one a day i get major anxiety, dizzy, head spinning, feels like im gonna die. Thought it was anxiety issues but now am wondering. want to wean but dont want o kill myself and/or make it hideous in the process. I guess we should speak to our docs about how to safely wean. good luck to you!
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