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Heroin's Gone, For Now

Posted Nov 04 2008 6:49pm
My daughter is now clean and I mean really clean. She's like an angry ex-smoker on steriods. She's not on prozac and she's weaned herself off the seboxone. She reduced her dose for a couple of weeks, walked around for a couple of days with cramping legs and then she was over it. Now, she's like a bull in a china shop-everyday's a bad day. She's gained about 30 pounds and feels like everyone's looking at her because she's fat. She's not fat she's normal. She actually looks like a normal, healthy girl...not a heroin-bloated, acne, sores, bruises, skin and bones addict. I wanted to say to her "Geez, did you ever worry about people looking at you when you were nodding off, or when you didn't wash your hair or change your clothes?" But I don't...I just tell her she looks great! I don't really know what to say to her...she's miserable. Nothing makes her happy...nothing makes her laugh...I wish she was happy I really do. Can recovering addicts be happy normally? I'm going to take her back to her psychiatrist maybe he'll try something besides prozac. Any ideas?
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