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Healthy Spring Salads

Posted Sep 15 2010 5:18am


Cilantro is an ingredient that can be, no doubt, added to your salad. This ingredient adds taste to your cuisine at the same time supplies important compounds to your body such as phytonutrients, active phenolic substance, flavonoids etc. It is also studied that cilantro helps in making your skin healthy and attractive. Some sources reveal that it can reduce upto 30% risk of skin cancer, if consumed in quantity of 1 teaspoon daily. This herb is found effective due to its antioxidant properties, which persists in the form of caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid. Limonene contains fat combating properties which can help you reduce your belly fat through cilantro. Interesting, this ingredient is also consisted of some amount of alcohol known as borneol which is an effective agent in eradicating viruses and germs.


Raspberries are also good for human health. One cup of untreated raspberry juice contains merely 60 calories, 50% of Vitamin C and interestingly no fats. Raspberries are rich in polyphenol antioxidants which are present in the form of ellagic acid which has the potential to avoid development of tumors. Due to its low glycemic properties it is suitable when you consider sugar restricted diet. Also for people suffering from fiber deficiency, raspberry makes an ideal choice as one cup of fresh raspberry juice contains approx11.55 gram of fiber which is 33% of the recommended daily value. You can intake approximately 62% of magnesium of the amount you need daily, with just one cup of raspberry juice.


Strawberries are significant type of fruit, which are favorites of many people, not only due to luscious taste but also provides significant nutrition. It is studied that strawberries consist a numerous nutrients and is highly rich in Vitamin C. Strawberries are also known for their characteristic that undermines free radical functioning; this is due to the existence of phytonutrients and antioxidants in the fruit which also makes the fruit look bright red. Strawberries are beneficial for body as it can reduce and eradicate free radicals which are capable of damaging cells and lead to cancerous substances in the body


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