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Fussy Bitch

Posted Jul 28 2008 8:14pm
Yeah, I know I am being one fussy bitch with all the layout changes, I'm still not entirely happy with the Blogger options but I do like how the words are now using more of the page.

I also made the text bigger, I do sometimes write longer posts, and it must be annoying or just plain boring to have to squint at a white computer screen for an inordinate amount of time.

Thank you for reading along, I love reading your emails and even moreso I do love a comment or three. As my counsellor would say "It is a motivator for you, so you need to be aware of this."

So, consider your comments as therapy for moi, *dry laugh*

I am starting my new post series "Walking Through The Underealm" this week, which is part memoir, part current tense revelations about my deepest and most personal experiences in my life, with ample reflection's of a drug addict's alternate reality, the cross-over into the "Real World" and my daily personal expose on traversing these two frontiers, the happy moments, the down days and whatever happens in between. I hope to take this journal series to You Tube, which will require me to put my face on the internet as Heroine/Girl, telling new and old memoirs, with lots of detail and emotion, some of which old readers may have experienced when reading my older blogs, which were really just writing practice for me, now is the time for concentrated writing effort.

I've seen quite a few self proclaimed experts on You Tube and whilst I am clearly no expert on being a tycoon with oodles of money, I do believe my story and the manner in which I can tell it, may inspire or educate those directly or indirectly effected by drug addiction, dependence and recovery - including the many hidden victims, our dear families and treasured friends.

Expect nothing to be left out, all the sordid details need to remain and I know I have to dig deep and perhaps even reopen old wounds, but mostly this process is part of my new therapy and also a cathartic way for me to release my old stories indefinately and bring some positive from the years spent wasting my life on drugs and maybe help me get this book or series published so I can travel the world, helping teenagers be effectively educated on what drug addiction really "feels, looks and sounds like" and maybe someone out there, may feel that today is not the day they will say yes, and pick up the syringe, take the tablet or go and score. That would be so awesome, but I still will be happy to have this blog as a memory of this time of healing and hope, so my children can actually see the woman I am, and where that love came from...


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