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From Heroin Addict to College Student

Posted Jul 23 2009 10:02pm 1 Comment
My daughter registered for college classes today. I was so happy and proud. It can happen. They can become free from heroin addiction ... it's hard but they can get through it.

Today it seems as though it was just a horrible dream. Last year this time, I wrote an article about the signs of heroin addiction. There are many signs these are just a few I experienced personally. The one sign that really makes me feel really stupid, was the tiny, round bruises that would show up on her arms....I still can't believe I thought she had a disease that was causing her to bruise easily. She told me one of her friends was pinching her...I believed her...okay well I use to be gullible...not anymore I can spot a heroin addict a mile away...pinned eyes and/or with little red rims around the eye, a certain way they hold their jaw...

From heroin addict to college student...I still can't believe it.

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at sober living by the sea - we try and help our clients get back to going to school most go to saddle back college - the combonation of meetings on the beach and the self esteem building through studies other esteemsble acts is amazing to watch.

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