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Enzymes for Addiction Recovery?

Posted Oct 21 2011 9:53am
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When I think of enzymes I think of my yogurt sitting in the fridge teeming with tiny little life forms that have a positive impact in my gut when I eat them. I also think of that household cleaning stuff called Kids and Pets that uses enzymes to remove stains and odors, especially those nasty ones caused by kids and pets as the name describes. These tiny organisms may hold the key to new treatment in addiction recovery.

Can Enzymes Take The Edge Off Addiction?

As reported in Dr. Buttar’s blog , there is research that indicates that enzymes could be used to take the edge off addiction. These enzymes can seriously reduce the intensity of the reward mechanism people experience when using drugs.

In a world full of medications that are scary to take and some which are even more scary to get off of , enzymes may hold the key to something more natural and less abrasive and destructive to our systems. My built in caution sign is still flashing in the back of my mind because, obviously, any treatment developed would directly target the brain, and that is no trivial matter.

Are There Other “Natural” Things To Take?

Have you used anything considered “natural” to help you stay in recovery? What was it and what results did you get?

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