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dark brown urine with odor followed by blood and small clots

Posted by jamielynne

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I shot heroine and was sniffing cocaine for a good part of the evening and then upon going to the bathroom, blood came out the first time and then the second time, nothing came out.  The blood clots stopped my urine flow.  I pushed and pushed until LARGE rubber jello like clots pushed out until the flow stopped again.  Rubber, not soft jello. I rushed to the hospital and my bladder was full of clots. they put the cathetor in but the clots blocked the cathetor and I demanded for them to pull it out which they would not do.  It hurt so bad that I took the cathetor out myself by first using the syringe to get the water bubble out of the tip of the cathetor that was inserted up to bladder.  Then I peed more clots only to be blocked again.  I have a renal cell carcinoma in my kidney that I was using alternative meds to deal with. Now I am home, as they sent me home to be operated on for kidney removal at another time.  No more coke or the other hoping to shrink tumor alternatively and save kidney.
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