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Change of Plans (hee hee)

Posted Mar 12 2009 10:13pm
Darn it, darn it, DARN it. It seems that even with my twitter and my facebook obsessions, I've felt very strange not having a blog to capture my thoughts and feelings (truth be told, I almost never ever reread anything I write but I figure one day, when I'm old and grey that I may take an interest in my life and what it was.)

I guess I felt overwhelmed by the need to write quality material for my book and writing in this blog seemed naughty or plain stupid, because I know that I need to write my book and start earning money for my other plans and goals. But I missed you, I really did and I'm not used to feeling that way about writing, it's so nice to just have a place that I can be me, and I know I won't be judged. I've reconsidered my decision to close the blog because I think journalling is an important tool in my recovery process. I've been adding status updates to Facebook left, right and centre but it hasn't quite filled the hole that was left by leaving this little blog. So, I'm back.
I told you, I have attachment issues and I find it really hard to let go of people - sometimes it's good and sometimes it's very dangerous and annoying.

My boyfriend has been away for a couple of nights and it's got me thinking how much I love my life now, how settled that I feel in my beautiful home and nice things but I've learnt an important lesson by being alone (even though I was counting down the days until I was alone) . I learnt that it doesn't matter how many nice things you have or how many beautiful feelings you have what does matter is that you have someone to love, and someone to share it all with. That's the best thing about all of it, the love we give is in direct comparison to the love we share.
I'll be making a few changes to the format and also doing some cross promotion with my twitter page and my facebook page (which is private sorry) so over the next few days we will be up and running and thank you to all my loyal readers and supporters for putting up with my erratic writing, I'm getting there slowly but we are long left the gutter let's head for the stars.

Love always,
xxx - that's my Twitter xox
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