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Causes of Drug Addiction

Posted Sep 24 2008 11:33am 1 Comment
Some of the causes of drug addiction:
  • Curiosity
  • Humans are born curious and information about drugs is everywhere. It’s not hard to wonder what the hype is about if you have never been taught otherwise.

  • Gateway drugs
  • A person may have started out using something less addicting such as Marijuana and looking for a better high, they come in contact with heavier substances that offer a different type of high.

  • Anxiety, depression, low self esteem and stress
  • These are some major factors that I almost had to bundle together because they are all factors that deal with our psyche. A person’s mood and state of well being can play a large part in a person’s perception of right or wrong. When you add drugs into the mix, it becomes a habitual circle of self destruction.

  • Peer pressure
  • This is NOT a kids only topic. Adults are also pressured - Everyone has peers and if getting high is what is acceptable in your social setting or circle of influences, you will be pressured to perform or act in the same way. This isn’t just about the old commercials from the 80’s:”Hey Billy, wanna get hiiiigh??”

  • Alteration of the perception of reality
  • This is something I believe that some addicts don’t even realize that they are doing. Addiction actually makes a person believe they need it to survive. The physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal can be too hard to bare. There are also addicts that know that they are altering their state of mind and do it for just that reason. From my experience however, the phase passes early on and drugs become something needed daily if not hourly just to survive.

  • Environment
  • This is all encompassing in my opinion. We are all a reflection of our environment. If a person is raised in a home where drugs were part of life, or a culture where drugs are accepted, then it is much more likely that they too will become curious. Addiction generally doesn’t follow too far behind.

    --This is an excerpt taken from my blog about meth addiction. You can read more on the topic of the causes of drug addiction there as well.

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    Drug addiction is one of the mejor problem now a days. There are number of causes of addiction and it will shoe you the number of bad effects on your body. Drug addiction is always bad habbit which can spoil your whole life.
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