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Back surgery and pain management for na addict

Posted Mar 15 2010 5:31pm

Addict needing back surgery and pain management

Posted byjnewb2148

Hello.  I have a problem brewing.  In 1972 I had a lumbar fusion  (L3-4-5) and over time have had increasing stenosis as well as a bulge in the disc at L5 Si.
the last two years I have lost strength In my left leg and had increasing spasm in my hip and lately into my legs.  Today is the first day that the back pain radiated down the back of my leg like it used to pre-fusion.  I am gettting worse and can no longer get injections as the Doc cant get through the bone overgrowth from all  the years of buildup.   I know I will need surgery for something and I am fearful due to the pain management issue.  I am a recovering addict since 1994 and kon't know what the pain management options will be.   Has anyone had t o deal with this situation?
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