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Are you OK with New York banning synthetic marijuana?

Posted by Kodjoworkout

Here's the story as it developed today in the amNewYork newspaper: New York becomes tenth state to ban synthetic marijuana

 What's your view on this ban? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

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Well it keeps killing people here in Texas, so I'm sure they have their reasons! 

I tend to want the Fed and State Government to stay the hell out of my life (witch they're not doing anyway) 99% of the time.  We are in serious trouble here in America with how quickly they are moving towards a locked down Police State! In fact, it defiantly is already a police state.  They just haven't locked it down yet!  Just wait until the NATO(Globalist Criminals) Meeting in Chicago this month.  That's what is in store for us if we don't stop letting the criminals that took over and bought off our morally challenged politicians from getting any further with this sick agenda. 

However, Yes I actually am OK with New York Banning Synthetic Marijuana. They should go after it hard so no one else gets hurt and legalize the real plant for consumption because of it's Miraculous healing and comforting powers! 

I personally can't stand the way it makes me feel, but I am one of a very few people who do not enjoy it's natural effects.  I guess It just isn't for me.  I'm totally OK with others smoking a little (or way more than a lot); It's their life and their business!  So remember to but out of other peoples business!!!(All you TSA Goons and Home Land Security Tattle Tales!) Go do something useful with your life and don't worry if your 90 year old neighbor is a "Terrorist".  Wake up!  There are no terrorists!  The Oligarchs in power are bold faced lying to you and laughing about what an idiot you are because they can't really spell it out any more clearer.  


Wow guys, I'm really sorry about that little rant... It just came over me all of a sudden.  I've got to go lay down before I get a headache...  ;)

That's interesting, Here's what you said "I'm totally OK with others smoking a little (or way more than a lot); It's their life and their business!" So you truly believe that the individual actions of each person does not affect the whole?
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