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Amy Winehouse, relapse or cold turkey alcohol withdrawal?

Posted Aug 04 2011 11:29am
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The sad and mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Amy Winehouse have left me baffled. The unfortunate truth is that either account is believable. Her family says it was alcohol withdrawal.

A drug dealer has come forward saying that he arranged for Amy to buy some drugs from another drug dealer referred to as “Mr. Big”. He says she purchased 1/2 oz. crack and a 1/2 oz. heroin.

Police are saying that there was no evidence of drugs or even paraphernalia in the house. Her family says she had been clean off drugs for years and was trying to quit alcohol. They believe she had a heart attack or seizure from trying to go cold turkey.

They did an autopsy but it came up inconclusive; toxicology will take a few more weeks to be done.

The family is setting up a fund to set up a rehab center for young people struggling with addiction.

The thing is that either way, Amy is gone; addiction can take so much from us and finally take our lives: whether we relapse and overdose, or try to quit cold turkey and seize and die.

Celebrities like Amy Winehouse are often surrounded by alcohol and drugs and they have the means to buy anything they want. That must make it even more difficult to stay sober.

Stay alert people… reach out for help if you feel yourself sinking, watch out for the signs, you know the drill; even the exceptionally talented and rich have the same issues we face. The feelings of anxiety, anger, shame and sadness are not ours alone. We are all humans and just like Amy being in and out of rehab , we all struggle. Get informed in how to live healthily even with this disease of addiction and stay in the fight for your life.

As of this week(August 24, 2011) the family has received the toxicology report and they have said that there were no illegal substances in Amy’s body. There is alcohol present, however, but we still don’t know if it played a part in her death.

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