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Addiction Recovery: Checks and Balances

Posted Feb 16 2010 9:59am
Posted on February 16, 2010

In addiction recovery it is very important to routinely take inventory of yourself. Kind of a checks and balances type thing for your thinking and behavior.

Why is this so important? Well by now we have learned that no one is perfect. We don't lead perfectly structured lives all the time. Sometimes we let things slip. Sometimes we make errors and sometimes we just flat out drop the ball. That's why check and balances in addiction recovery are so important.

The easiest way to keep yourself in check is to routinely take an honest look at yourself. An HONEST look at yourself. There is no point in trying to put a positive spin on negative behavior right? You are the only loser in that game.

It can be as simple as answering a few questions as honestly as possible or just kind of recapitulating your last week and seeing what you think you should be doing differently.

Is this a way of punishing yourself for making errors in judgment? NO WAY. This is a way of curbing bad behaviors before they become the rule instead of the exception.

Am I surrounding myself with positive people like I should be? Am I facing problems head on like I promised myself? Am I truly living in the day instead of fixating on the past and dreading the future? Am I actively pursuing my spirituality? Am I focusing on positive thinking?

By answering some of these questions on a regular basis I am able to see what areas of my recovery and my life need some extra attention.

For myself, this is the best way I know how to keep myself in check and make sure that I'm not heading down the road to relapse. As we have discovered by now... relapse happens way before we take that first drink, etc.

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