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about 2 -3 weeks ago I puffed some marijuana a couple times, should i be concerned that it will show in a hair follicle test?

Posted by confused1

I don't normally smoke marijuana, the last time I have was beginning January of this year until 2 -3 weeks ago when I hit it a couple times.
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Hair Follicle testing is done by looking at the particles of the drug left in your hair when you consumed the drug. Hair Follicle tests are usually used to see if a person has done a drug in the last 90 days. It also doesn't matter where the hair comes from, as thye can take hair from any part of your body to test. 


Some people reported that those who rarely consume marijuana do not have enough of a build up of the particles on their hair to come up on a test. While this may have been true for some, it doesn't mean it's the case for everyone. It would depend on how much you smoked, how long it's been, and how much THC is in your system. You also have to take into account your own personal body chemisty. While it may be the case that you will pass a follicle test it is not a perfect guarantee.  

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